Your Sign-By-Sign Guide To October’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

If you’ve been feeling out of sorts for the past couple weeks, you can thank eclipse season for that. But come October 28, the eclipse portal that opened with the recent new moon in Libra will close with a full moon partial lunar eclipse in Taurus.

This full moon eclipse also happens to wrap up a two-year eclipse cycle that’s been taking place on the Taurus/Scorpio axis since November 2021—but depending on where Taurus lands in your birth chart, we all have something different to expect. Here’s what to know.

Note: Be sure to check your sun and rising sign.

With the full moon eclipse spotlighting your ninth house of travel, higher learning, philosphy, and expansion, you’re feeling a push to get outside your comfort zone, Virgo. As Quinn explains, it’s time to go into the unknown, whether that’s literally traveling to a new place or learning something new.

This expansion could happen internally as well, Quinn adds, noting that you might take interest in metaphysical and spiritual growth right now. “It’s basically about allowing themselves to stretch, and to be stretched by the discomfort, because they’re going to grow in that venturing-out process,” she says.

Feeling transformative, Libra? With the full moon eclipse landing in your eighth house of intimacy and transformation, according to Quinn, you very well might be. As she tells mindbodygreen, you’re going through an inner glow up, which can be a nice change of pace if you’re typically more concerned with outer appearances (no offense).

“Libra adores outer beauty, but this full moon is saying you need to really focus on the inner, so it can illuminate outward,” Quinn explains, adding that you’re letting go of the things that block you from vulnerability and real intimacy. “And this is also going to show up as a mirror in their relationships, because our relationships mirror back to us what we need to do internally—so Libra is going to be seeing this within their relationships and within their emotional triggers,” she adds.

With the full moon eclipse landing in your opposite sign of Taurus, that means this lunation lights up your seventh house of partnerships, Scorpio. As such, Quinn says your relationships are taking center stage under these moonbeams, and your intuition could be particularly heightened.

There will be a focus on both trust and loyalty, as well as giving those things when and where they’re deserved, she explains, adding that, “Scorpio is really going to see which people are here for the short term and which ones are here for the long haul.” And remember, she adds, just because you’re a sign that values longevity in relationships, doesn’t mean short term relationships aren’t meaningful, too.

Time to double down on your self care, Saj, as this full moon eclipse lands in your sixth house of health, organization, and routines. Sure, it might not be the pace you’re used to, but according to Quinn, right now it’s what you need most as you’re assessing deep emotions under this Scorpio-Taurus axis.

Whether it’s therapy, a spa day, a journaling session, or just sitting with your feelings, it’s OK to have emotions come up, Quinn says. “This moon could also be shifting the way their daily routine is looked at, which could be their work schedule changing or implementing more things for themselves into their schedule,” she adds.

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