You Need To Follow Vincent Ford If You’re a Lady Of a Certain Age

You Need To Follow Vincent Ford If You’re a Lady Of a Certain Age

“And suddenly it’s December and you’re not seventeen anymore and you haven’t been seventeen for a long time but sometimes, you need to remind yourself.” Ok, so, yeah, I got a little teary-eyed when I saw a Tiktok using this exact poem. Hey, in my defense I had Christmas Pajama movie night with some friends and we watched Me Before You for the zillionth time. That night as I lay listening to my boyfriend’s breathing feeling comforted by the fact we had a nice warm bed to sleep in I suddenly couldn’t sleep and started flicking through Tiktoks and came across one that jarred me. It translated to me as, “You’re not young anymore and time is going faster and faster.” Even though I’m still out here acting like I’m 12, I realize sometimes that I’m not!

As I get older I find I’m still learning new things every day. You’d think at some point in your life you just know everything that you need to know but don’t ever think or believe that. Learning never stops. You’ll learn something new every single day of your life be it from a mistake you make, a book you read, a person you know, someone new you meet, or a video you watch…you’ll learn something new each day of your life or someone will teach you something new.

I think makeup and skincare factor into this. As you get older you have to learn how to do things a bit differently in your beauty routine. I know as I got older I had to understand how to conceal my eyes correctly due to dryness and finer lines. I also had to understand how to use retinol correctly. I also realized late in life that fragrance in skincare isn’t as wonderful as I believed it was in my youth and matte eyeshadow isn’t nearly as evil as I thought. Your skin changes as you age and with that change, you have to re-learn your skincare and makeup routine.

One of the greatest things that ever happened to me on social media was stumbling across Vincent Ford the NARS Global Makeup Artist for UK. His Instagram account is one of the few I’ve seen that not only features many different skin types, tones, and ages but also, one that concentrates quite a lot on more mature women. But most importantly, his techniques are so simple to learn and recreate on your own. He’s not slathering on mounds of foundation, he isn’t recreating Mimi Bobeck’s eyeshadow look, and he isn’t telling you to buy, buy, buy the latest makeup.

He’s simply teaching with very few words how to conceal your under eyes if you have finer lines, how to erase those smaller lines around the corners of your eyes, how to create a smoky eye look without looking like someone punched you in the face. His techniques are simple yet elegant and timeless not to mention really easy to do yourself. I’m not going to lie I find the way influencers apply makeup and explain how to apply it very complicated. These are very, very talented men and women that do some incredible looks but I can’t follow any of them. Applying like ten shades of eyeshadows and blending them to perfection is something I have not mastered when watching youTube or Tiktoks. Vincent’s techniques use one maybe two eyeshadows and some liner and he creates a perfectly awesome look in moments not in a 20-minute youTube video. I’ve learned a lot from him and I enjoy how he creates a lot of his looks on more mature women who do have finer lines, and who might have a double chin….it’s fascinating watching him transform an already pretty woman into a glamorous one in a few minutes. His Instagram account reels aren’t that long but within a minute he has someone with terrible dark circles looking fresh as a daisy. If you’re someone who’s re-learning how to apply their skincare and makeup as you age he’s an account I can’t recommend enough you follow. And hey, if you aren’t yet at that stage in your life he has plenty of models who are younger that he does amazing looks on which are simple to learn and do yourself!

Cheers to getting older and learning something new each and every day.

Who are your follows that create realistic and elegant makeup looks? I’d love to hear about them!

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