Winterize Your Skin with These Two Must Haves

I dunno how cold it is where you are but New York has some brutal weather at the moment and my skin has let it be known that it’s not happy about the current weather conditions. I’m starting to experience that gross flakiness around my nose and patchy dry areas on my cheeks! I’m starting to sheet mask almost every night now (I normally do on every other night but lately, it’s a mask a night for me!). I went through a box of My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Masks in a little over a week! It’s been rough!

I know you’re likely tired of hearing about these two products already but if you haven’t yet you need these two items to winterize your skin!

If you guessed I was going to talk about Super Saturated Barrier Support Serum and Buffer Jelly Barrier Boosting Oil-Gel you’d be correct! If juicy, smooth, plump, well hydrated skin is what you’re looking for these two products can get you there. I used Supper Saturated Barrier Support Serum on damp skin! It’s loaded with glycerin and injects skin with a huge boost of moisture. I seal in my skin care with the Jelly Barrier Boosting Oil-Gel! After all my skincare is apply this is my last step! It’s a jelly consistency but has the consistency of an oil when you massage it into skin! It contains Jojoba and Squalane that instantly acts to hydrate and leaves skin as smooth as silk after using it overnight!

If you want to indulge in both you can get the Barrier Boost Pack for $61 using my code THEMUSE10 with free shipping. The set gets you full-sizes of both the serum and oil plus the Avant Guard Face Mask which is a reusable rubber mask that you can use in conjunction with your favorite serums and moisturizing products.

Use code THEMUSE10 to enjoy 10% off sitewide at Experiment Beauty and get your skin winterized! Trust me, this are two amazing products for dry skin!

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