Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Willa Fitzgerald for her role as Madeline Usher in ‘ The Fall of the House of Usher ‘ is getting immense praise. And Willa Fitzgerald is getting due credit for her talent. Working in projects like ‘ Little Women ‘, ‘ The Goldfinch ‘, ‘Scream ‘ and ‘Billions’, Willa is surely paving her way in Hollywood. But besides her acting talent, the woman carries a stellar physique. Strong and flexible, with good heart health is her forte.

Willa Fitzgerald carries a lean physique that reflects strength and endurance, along with great aesthetics to fit into the creations of any designer. If you are curious about how she manages to look so good, with her hectic schedule, we got you covered.  In this post, we will dive deep into Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine and Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan and chart out some tips for our readers.

Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Willa Fitzgerald Body Stats

Height  5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight 54 Kgs
Age 32 Years
Waist 24 inches
Shoulders 28 Inches

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Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine

Willa calls herself a hippie and a descendant of hippies. She loves going out, getting into adventure sports, and enjoying her time of life. She works out through activities that she likes doing. Not being a fan of strict routines and schedules, Willa allows herself to move through the day at her own pace. 

Her workout is mostly about calming down or finding the dopamine hit through cardio exercises or simply a marathon through New York City. She keeps an active lifestyle and builds a strong foundation for long-term fitness through actually enjoying everything she does. This also helps with maintaining consistency and builds a strong foundation for dealing with life.

Willa Fitzgerald Workout RoutineWilla Fitzgerald Workout Routine

Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine

Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine includes: 


Willa is a master runner. In a recent post, she expressed her love for New York City Runs and the dopamine hit she gets from them. Running Marathons for social causes and organizations has also been her forte. So, Outdoor Running is actually a big part of Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine in regular practice. One of the best forms of Cardio, Running has other benefits too. It builds muscular endurance, improves bone health for women over 30, and gives you long-term health by improving the overall fitness of your vital organs. It’s also an excellent calorie burner, that helps you with managing weight loss and improves metabolism.



In an interview, Willa revealed she sometimes overwhelms her apartment by dancing like a lunatic. This is how much she loves to dance. Most days include at least a 30-minute dance schedule and Willa actually loves to dance. Dancing builds strong foundations for body flexibility and agility. It’s also one of the best ways to release stress and balance hormones.  In fact, dancing is known to build lean muscles that give you strength without bulking up. Dancing is also a great mood enhancer, so it’s great for your mental health too. Dancing is one of the cornerstones of Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine.



On days when Willa is not in the mood to go out, a Yoga mat is her best friend. Before having breakfast Willa has a session of Yoga, which includes breathing exercises and classic Yoga Poses. Yoga is known to promote health at all levels, building strong mental and physical foundations for long-term health, Yoga is actually a panacea against all lifestyle disorders. But one must incorporate lifestyle changes, including good sleep and a balanced diet, to reap the most benefits.

In an interview, Willa revealed that with her strict schedule, sleeping is often a challenge. So, she meditates regularly for 20 minutes at least to calm herself down and feel refreshed without a long sleep schedule.


Hiking / Trekking

As mentioned, Willa considers herself a hippie. So, her trekking and hiking adventures are never enough. She loves trying out new things on every trip. Hiking is one of her favorite outdoor activities. Hiking helps build strong muscles and bones protects you from heart diseases and improves metabolism. It is also known to improve posture, hormonal health and give you a strong body, and improve immunity. It also tones up your body, giving it a strong and balanced look.

So, Hiking regularly is good for your overall appearance, besides being one of the best things for your physical health.



Skiing is one of Willa’s favorite winter activities. Recently she shared of herself skiing in the snow on her Instagram page. 

Skiing is not just a fun activity, it has tremendous health benefits including protection from cardiovascular aging. It builds overall strength and endurance, enhances coordination, and improves balance. So, skiing too is one of Willa’s favorite outdoor activities which also keeps her in good shape.

That is all for Willa Fitzgerald Workout Routine.

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Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan

Willa Fitzgerald is a great cook. She likes to cook for herself and has a good knowledge of food science. She believes in only feeding your body healthy foods that build it, rather than degenerate it. So, Willa eats whole foods, reducing sugar and adding lots of fiber to her meals. She has improved her relationship with food by eating only when she is hungry.

Her fridge is stacked with lots of RX bars, Dark Chocolates, Rice Cakes, and Almond Butter. 

Willa Fitzgerald starts her day with Coffee and a Smoothie made with adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha and Chaga Mushrooms to deal with her PCOS. French Macroons, Fish Tacos, light soups, sourdough bread, and seafood are her favorite things to cook. 

Willa Fitzgerald Diet PlanWilla Fitzgerald Diet Plan

Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan

No blanket ban

Willa doesn’t believe in completely restricting a certain macronutrient from her diet. She eats enough carbs and doesn’t believe in depriving her body of a particular nutrient. So, her eating habits are usually plant-based with room for ice cream, which she is particularly fond of.

Is Willa Fitzgerald Vegan?

No, Willa Fitzgerald is not Vegan.

That’s all for Willa Fitzgerald Diet Plan.

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