Will Meredith Put LYS Beauty Higher Standard Cream Glow Blush Sticks on the Viral Radar?

LYS Beauty Higher Standard Cream Glow Blush Sticks ($20) are a new, super creamy blush stick with an illuminating finish that will be available in five shades starting February 22nd at sephora.com. These new creamy lightweight blushes have the same triangle shape of the No Limits Cream Bronzer and Contour Stick which was a viral sensation thanks to Meredith Duxbury. I remember seeing Meredith apply these on Tiktok and being so impressed with how super duper creamy they were. Honestly, of the blush is as incredibly cream as the bronzer we’re in for a treat.

I do hope the “illuminating finish” is some sort of soft glow as I really wanted that from the Pat Mcgrath Divine Blush Legendary Glow Colour Balm but didn’t quite get that finish from it. I’m hopeful that LYS delivers it!

Shades include:

  • Outgoing (watermelon pink) (Available exclusively on the LYS Website)
  • Courageous (poppy orange) (Available exclusively on the LYS Website)
  • Focused (warm cinnamon pink)
  • Elite (mauve)
  • Bubbly (soft pink)
  • Curvy (perfect peach)
  • Unfazed (berry plum)

I think one very important thing that deserves mentioning is the fact these LYS maintains their price range in such a poor economy. These are $20 each which is quite a nice price considering so many blush sticks are $30+ lately. For a mid-range brand the pricing is very reasonable.

LYS Beauty Higher Standard Cream Glow Blush Sticks will be available vert soon! I’m excited to try them. Are you?

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