why I didn’t like the MyDNAge test

why I didn’t like the MyDNAge test

(and not just because I’m salty about my results)

Hi friends! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? What did you do for the Super Bowl? We went to an amazing event – I’ll share details in Friday Faves – and the fam came over to watch the Usher concert.. I mean the football game. 😉

For today’s post, I’m finally ready to talk about my MyDNAge test results. It took me a while to marinate on my thoughts because at first, I was a little salty. I’ll share why below, in addition to how this test works. I’m not including a referral link because I’m not quite sure if I recommend this one. I had a much better experience and feel like I got more useful data from InsideTracker. 

I really feel like at-home lab testing is the future, and we’re going to see more advanced methods and data in the future, which is very exciting! In the era of personalized health, understanding our genetic makeup has become a powerful tool for optimizing wellness. MyDNAge takes this concept to the next level by providing insights into the very fabric of our being – our DNA.

 why I didn’t like the MyDNAge test

How MyDNAge Works

MyDNAge utilizes advanced technology to analyze specific markers within your DNA associated with the aging process. The science behind this process lies in the examination of specific regions known as epigenetic markers. These markers provide a unique snapshot of how your genes are expressing themselves over time, offering a glimpse into the biological age of your cells.

The process involves:

DNA Collection:

MyDNAge requires a blood sample, through an at-home fingerpick. (More on this under Cons lol)

Epigenetic Analysis:

The collected DNA is then subjected to sophisticated epigenetic analysis. This involves examining specific chemical modifications to the DNA molecule, known as methyl groups, which play a crucial role in regulating gene activity.

Age Determination:

By analyzing the epigenetic markers, MyDNAge estimates the biological age of your cells. This information provides a personalized and data-driven perspective on how your body is aging at a cellular level.

Information Provided by MyDNAge

Biological Age:

MyDNAge reveals your biological age, offering a more accurate reflection of your overall health compared to chronological age.

Lifestyle Insights:

The service provides recommendations based on your genetic profile, offering insights into lifestyle factors that could influence the aging process.

Disease Risk Assessment:

Some genetic markers may be associated with an increased or decreased risk of certain diseases, offering a proactive approach to disease prevention.

Pros of MyDNAgePersonalized Insights:

Early Intervention:

Understanding potential health risks early on allows for proactive lifestyle adjustments, promoting preventive health measures.

Cons of MyDNAge

Blood collection and results delay:

The test comes with a lancet and a little tube. You’re supposed to prick your finger, and attach the little tube to your finger so the blood can go through the tube. I lanced my finger, pressed the tiny tube against it and blood would NOT go into the thin tube. It just went all over the outside and made a mess. I ended up having the get their venous kit delivered to my doctor’s office so my PCP could draw the blood for me. Also, it took 89 years (6-8 weeks) to receive the results, which felt like an eternity.

Limited Predictive Power:

While MyDNAge offers valuable insights, its ability to predict future health outcomes is not foolproof, as genetics interact with various environmental factors. The thing about genes is that they are not our destiny. They can give great insights BUT you can have tremendous power on how genes are expressed.

Emotional Impact:

Learning about potential health risks may have emotional implications. It’s essential to approach the results with a balanced mindset and take these things with a grain of salt.

Delivery of the results:

As a holistic health coach, I love digging through data and test results. As much as I do this in my everyday life, I found the results to be fairly confusing. It told me which genetic variations I have – wasn’t surprised to learn I have MTHFR – but I didn’t feel like it gave very customized recommendations. The recommendations were incredibly basic: make sure you exercise daily, eat fresh produce, focus on sleep, aka everything I’m already doing, and the things that all you guys know you should do for optimal health, too.

It also didn’t give any lifestyle suggestions if you have troubles hitting these basics. InsideTracker does a much better job with customized recommendations (“here’s why you should have 1-3 servings of beans per day. You need to increase your fatty fish consumption. If you avoid alcohol, here’s how it will help you” etc.)


I was also disappointed to find out that the age of my cells is 40. I’m going to BE 40 in November and feel like I do positive things for my health every single day. It was kind of defeating to see this number and the fact that I’m at the 53rd percentile for my age. I’m FAR from perfect, but I feel like I make a consistent effort to check the major boxes each day. It kind of made me feel like to drastically improve from here would be unattainable for everyday life? Also, why weren’t my numbers great? It didn’t tell me.

Cost Considerations:

MyDNAge services come with a price tag. This test is around $500, but I won it through an EquiLife contest. Individuals should weigh the cost against the perceived benefits.

As with any genetic testing service, it’s crucial to approach the results with a balanced perspective, considering both the empowering information provided and the potential emotional impact.

Ultimately, MyDNAge drops the ball. I think that it has incredible potential, but I wasn’t blown away with the delivery of the results or the action steps associated with the results. I think that I’ll learn how to dive into this test with High Performance Health, so if that’s the case, I’m excited to take another look. (Also, if that’s the case, you may want someone who is certified to actually go through the test with you!)

Even though this is a bomb for me, for now, I definitely recommend Insidetracker. My referral link gets you 20% off!

Have you done any of these tests? If you’re interested in functional testing (with someone to go over the results with you), you can apply here.



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