Why Choose Eco-Friendly Jewelry For Gothic Fashion

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Jewelry For Gothic Fashion

Hello, beautiful people! Today we’re talking about why you should choose eco-friendly jewelry for gothic fashion. Goth is a music-based subculture that came out of gothic rock and post-punk music. It’s also a little counterculture too, in my opinion. Gothic style in jewelry draws inspiration from many different places including medieval times, focusing on the culture’s deep philosophical and counterculture roots. 

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Note from Cordelia: I love and prefer labgrown gems! I chose labgrown gems (a purple sapphire and mint cz) when designing my bespoke wedding ring. I won’t buy diamonds or gemstones that come from conflict, so labgrown it is.  See more at the Gothic Wedding of my Dreams!

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Jewelry For Gothic Fashion

Why More People are Choosing Labgrown diamonds and gemstones, because they're eco friendly jewelryWhy More People are Choosing Labgrown diamonds and gemstones, because they're eco friendly jewelry

In today’s gothic fashion, you’ll typically find people sporting dramatic eye makeup, dark attire, black hair, and nail polish, often complemented by black, deep red, or dark lipstick. 

Common colors favored by Goths include black, gray, red, maroon, electric blue, purple, and dark green. Fabrics like leather, PVC, lace and velvet are popular choices for clothing in this style. On the other hand, people are now focusing more on eco-friendly jewelry for gothic fashion.

Now, let’s deep dive into why you should choose eco-friendly jewelry for gothic fashion. But before we do that, let’s clarify what eco-friendly jewelry actually means.

What is eco-friendly jewelry?

Eco-friendly jewelry refers to pieces made from materials that are both environmentally friendly and sustainable. This means the materials used have minimal negative impact on the environment, and they’re sourced through transparent and responsible practices.

Eco-friendly jewelry operates in a different manner compared to traditional jewelry. Instead of relying on hazardous materials and methods, eco jewelry prioritizes environmentally friendly practices, ensuring safety for both wearers and the environment.

Why Are More People Choosing Eco-Friendly Jewelry For Gothic Fashion?

Many people nowadays care a lot about the environment, so they’re interested in eco-friendly jewelry. This kind of jewelry is made in a way that’s gentle on the planet. One type that’s really popular is made from recycled metals like gold, silver, and platinum 

Instead of making new metal from scratch, they use old metal that’s been melted down and reshaped. This helps cut down on waste and saves energy. 

Plus, it means we don’t have to dig up as much metal from the earth, which can harm the environment. So, eco-friendly jewelry is a great choice for those who want to be kind to the Earth while looking stylish!

But if we talk about diamonds, lots of people are turning to lab-created diamonds and gemstones. These stones look just as beautiful as the ones mined from the earth, but they’re made in a lab. This way, there are no worries about the ethical issues linked to traditional mining.

Let’s see why eco-friendly jewelry is beneficial.

Benefits Of Wearing Eco-Friendly Jewelry

DIY Eco Friendly JewelryDIY Eco Friendly Jewelry

Here are six important advantages of wearing eco-friendly jewelry:

1. Give you the option to create DIY pieces

Many folks love the idea of crafting their own jewelry in gothic fashion, thanks to helpful platforms like Pinterest. You can easily find tutorials online that show you how to make environmentally friendly jewelry.

When you buy ready-made jewelry from a store, you’re limited to what’s available. But if you purchase the materials separately and make your own pieces, it opens up endless possibilities!

Each piece you create will be one-of-a-kind because there are countless ways to craft do-it-yourself eco-friendly jewelry.

2. Often has a fair price tag

Eco-friendly jewelry, which is made with materials and processes that are environmentally sustainable and minimize harm to the planet, often tends to be priced fairly. 

This means that the cost of eco-friendly jewelry is usually reasonable and affordable for many people.

On the other hand, if you go for diamond jewelry then lab-created diamonds are better option because they are made in a lab instead of being dug from the ground like regular diamonds, and are usually sold at a reasonable price. 

This means they are not too expensive and are cheaper than natural diamonds. That’s why they’re becoming  more popular and liked by people who are into gothic fashion. These lab-made diamonds are seen as a greener choice because they don’t harm the environment like mining does and no one has to die for them. 

Also, because they’re not super pricey, more people who like gothic style can afford them.

3. Help expand your wardrobe

When it comes to picking out jewelry, many of us think about how well it goes with our clothes. If you only have a few pieces of jewelry, your choices for putting together stylish outfits are limited.

But now, there’s a new kind of jewelry that’s changing the game: eco-friendly jewelry. Unlike regular jewelry, eco-friendly pieces come in lots of colors, designs, and styles. That means they can match with all sorts of outfits, no matter the occasion or your personal style.

Adding eco-friendly jewelry to your collection gives you tons of options for mixing and matching with different clothes. With just one or two eco-friendly pieces, you can expand your wardrobe and create loads of different looks.

4. It’s on the cutting edge of style

Being fashionable is easier than ever, thanks to the eco-friendly movement. Now, we can enjoy trendy and environmentally conscious jewelry without any worries about what others might think.

Eco-friendly jewelry stands out for its unique designs, which you won’t find in traditional jewelry stores. Unlike the mass-produced pieces found in mainstream shops, eco-friendly jewelry offers fresh and modern styles that reflect the latest trends.

Moreover, these pieces often feature high-quality gems that resemble the real deal. You can achieve the look of designer jewelry by opting for faux stones that are just as stunning as genuine ones. So, not only are you staying stylish, but you’re also making a sustainable choice for the planet.

5. Create a stronger connection to the Earth

Many people want to feel closer to nature, but it can be hard with busy lives and other challenges. 

Maybe you’re always busy, or money is tight, or you just feel overwhelmed by how big nature is. Finding the time and resources to spend time in nature can seem impossible.

But there’s a simple idea that can help: eco-friendly jewelry. This jewelry is made with care, using stones and gems that come from the Earth. 

Each piece is like a little piece of nature you can wear. It’s a way to stay connected to the Earth’s beauty and energy. When you wear eco-friendly jewelry, it’s more than just wearing something pretty. It’s like carrying a reminder of our bond with nature, no matter where you are.

6. Make Better Choices and Feel Good

When we have to make compromises, it can be tough knowing we’re not doing everything we can to help the environment. But with eco-friendly jewelry, that worry disappears!

Eco-friendly jewelry is made in a way that’s good for the Earth. It uses recycled materials and gems mined ethically. So when you wear these pieces, you can be sure you’re not harming the planet.

This is also a fantastic method to inspire others to make environmentally friendly decisions in their own lives. Studies indicate that about 62% of women believe it’s important to purchase items that are good for the environment. 

By wearing these accessories, you can proudly display your commitment to shopping in an eco-friendly manner.

Influence of Gothic Symbols in Jewelry Design

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Jewelry For Gothic Fashion

Today, many people don’t realize how special precious stones are, but in the Gothic style of art and design, these gems were super important. They used them to decorate things like pendants and agrafes, which are fancy clasps. 

These decorations often had big gems and were painted with enamels, which are colorful coatings. In the Victorian style, which came later, pearls were super trendy in jewelry. People loved how white pearls looked with black laces; it always made things look fancy and luxurious.

In the late 20th century, a revived form of Gothic style emerged, characterized by symbols like skulls, bats, scarab beetles, spiders, ankhs, and vampires. This new Gothic style combined elements from medieval Gothic culture with contemporary trends, resulting in a fresh look for Gothic jewelry.

In today’s modern Gothic fashion, there’s a special liking for using white gold, silver, platinum, and even diamonds. These precious metals stand out against the dark and weighty appearance of gems. Among the gems commonly used in modern Gothic jewelry, black diamonds, amethysts, rubies, and emeralds are particularly popular.

In Gothic jewelry, you’ll find a mix of fancy luxury with spooky skulls set against big gems. This creates an air of mystery and magic. Just like in medieval times, Gothic jewelry tends to be large and eye-catching.

Final Thoughts

Goth Girl talking about the benefits of eco friendly jewelry, conflict free labgrown gemstones and diamondsGoth Girl talking about the benefits of eco friendly jewelry, conflict free labgrown gemstones and diamonds

For a long time, making jewelry has caused a lot of pollution. This happens during mining, making the jewelry, and even when packaging it. But now, there’s a solution! It’s called eco-friendly jewelry with lab-created diamonds and gemstones. 

Eco-friendly jewelry is great for people who love gothic fashion. It has lots of good points. It’s made in a way that’s good for the environment and fair to workers. You can even make some of it yourself, which is cool and unique. Plus, it’s easy to mix and match with different outfits, so you can express yourself however you want. 

Also, it shows you care about the Earth. So, by picking eco-friendly jewelry, you’re not only making your style better, but you’re also helping make fashion more eco-friendly and fair.

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