What I Eat In A Day To Get Bikini Ready!

I get this question alllll the time, so I decided it might be helpful to know what I eat in a day. I’ll give you a rundown of what I’m eating on an average day but, obviously, it varies. I don’t want to be eating the same thing over and over again! And neither do you, I’d imagine!

I follow the LSF nutrition plans.

That’s why I’m so into our nutrition plans . Seriously, these are a slam dunk way to get started with the LSF lifestyle or to take your LSF fitness journey to the next level. Basically, they’ll show you what to eat in a day, plus give you tons of tools (like recipes and grocery shopping lists) to make it super easy.

If you’re looking to get started, I’d recommend first doing a sugar detox. I won’t lie to you. This isn’t easy BUT it’s soooo worth it. Stick with it for one to two weeks (our detox is seven days but sometimes I repeat it when I need some extra cleansing) and you’ll be completely amazed how much your cravings change! Plus, once you’ve detoxed sugar, everything tastes way sweeter so you won’t even want all the junk you used to eat!


“I still have a cheat day but you have to learn self discipline and find healthy alternatives” Natasha Perry


Then, keep things rolling with the Hot Bod Meal Plan . Technically, it’s a four-week meal plan but I’m gonna let you in on an little secret. I get AMAZING results when I stretch it to eight weeks. Basically, I go through weeks 1-4 in order, then I reverse and do week 4 again, then week 3, then week 2, and finally week 1. It’s an awesome way to really cement all the healthy living habits you’ve started building and you’ll feel next-level great after it, I promise!

Then, I use the Guiltless Nutrition Lifestyle & Recipe Book to keep myself focused and keep maintaining my results. I’m telling you, babes, this book is jam-packed with great stuff so you’ll never get bored of what you’re eating!

I intermittent fast.

On top of this, I’ve been super into intermittent fasting. Basically, this is not eating for a certain number of hours (I usually do 12 hours between dinner and breakfast) to give your body the chance to process everything you’ve eaten throughout the day. That way, it can start fresh with your first meal after your fast!

If you want to know more about how I use IF and what it can do for your body, don’t worry. We’ve got a fullblogyou can check out!

A closer look at what I’m eating.

So what, specifically, do I eat during a day? Check out this video for my bikini shoot prep, or grab your Hot Body Meal Plan for literally the full plan of what I eat.

Stack goals on goals and sign up for the Crop Top Crunch Time Challenge!

Eating right is thebestway to transform your body. And you know what? When you’re eating right, all your awesome muscles start to show. Six-pack abs, anyone?

If your stomach isn’t quite ready to be on display, sign up for our Crop Top Crunch Time Challenge! This is going to be a super fun challenge. We’re focusing on just one part of our body to get it totally toned. And just in time for summer! You can sign uphere.

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