What Advice Would You Give a New Makeup User?

I was clearing out some of my old makeup recently and I got to thinking about makeup and how much I love it but how I’ve made quite a few mistakes over the years with it. Bad application techniques, purchasing items that were cute or pretty but didn’t have a great formula, selecting colors (like pastels!) that really weren’t great for my skin tone, and many, many other mistakes. Mistakes are a good thing though as we learn from them but it never hurts to get a helping hand from someone who’s a little older or a little more experienced.

Do you have any younger girls or boys in your life just getting into makeup? What’s some advice you’d give a new, younger makeup users? Or even just someone new who is just getting into makeup? I have one piece of advice I’d give both new users and even old ones.

My advice for anyone new getting into makeup or even experienced users is don’t hoard. Buy only what you’ll use. I keep a lot of my old makeup to refer back to and I’ve been redoing my makeup room and sorting through a lot of it and I realized how terribly wasteful I’ve been with my makeup. Granted, I’ve purchased a lot because of the blog but I’m pretty guilty of hoarding away some items because I feel they are too pretty to use and they’ve gone off on me which is such a shame because I either never used them or I used them for special occasions.

Use your makeup, enjoy it, and only buy what you’ll use. I promise you don’t need every single shade of an eyeshadow or lipgloss because you love the formula! Evaluate your current collection and ask yourself, “Do I have something like this shade? “Is this gloss very sheer? I probably don’t need all the shades if it applies clear!” etc…! It’s easy to get caught in the frenzy of a new release and want all the items in a collection! For example, Colourpop launched their Valentine’s Day Collection and I almost hit submit on the Lost in Love Collection for $110 but I talked myself out of it by reminding myself how quickly Colourpop goes off. Not to mention I love pink but I prefer peach and likely wouldn’t use these shades often.

My biggest piece of advice was definitely don’t hoard makeup. It expires fast, trust me. Not to mention having too much of one thing just makes it overwhelming when you want to create a look!

What’s your piece of advice for new makeup users or your fellow older ones?

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