Were the Sales Just Not Saling this Year?

Serious question. Were the after Holiday sales just not saling this year? Or am I worn out from all the sales we got over the last month? It seems like a lot of brands sold out of their Holiday Collections and Gift Sets this year (either that or they created a lot less since they had so many that were on sale well into Summer). For example, I never expected Pat Mcgrath’s Bijoux Brilliance to sell out. She typically launches a massive Holiday Palette and it typically ends up on sale at both Sephora and on her website but this year after her big Black Friday Sale (40% off) a lot of the collection sold out quickly (the MTHRSHP Bijoux Brilliance is still available at sephora.com with an extra 20% off with code 20EXTRA plus Pat’s website has 30% off sitewide although a majority of the Holiday launch is gone!).

But as I recall, last year Sephora had four major sales. The first is the Savings Event that happens end of October/Early November for all Reward Members. After that, we saw a very early clearance sale with a lot of gift sets going on sale (we saw a little of this happen this year too with Too Faced Holiday going on sale across a few outlets including Sephora), after they have a 20% for all event, and finally, the Boxing Day Sale on Sale. Typically when the Sale on Sale happens we SEE A LOT of leftovers and score some really good deals but this year I felt like it was slim pickings. That either means they made a hell of a lot fewer items this year to reduce waste or people were buying. I wonder which it is? I feel like so many gift sets that were available from mid-October just disappeared by the time Black Friday rolled in. They never even had a chance to go on sale.

The main brands I see who still have a good deal of Holiday leftovers would be NARS, Fenty Beauty, and a few little bits of Too Faced and Tarte here and there but most brands either cleaned up well this year or just made a lot less as I said above. Which do you think it is? Did you score any great after Holiday Sales? There were plenty of amazing ones during the Holidays but what about the ones after the Holidays? I didn’t purchase much of anything on Boxing Day. Even the Lush Boxing Sale was unappealing! I did replenish my stock of Youth to the People Triple Peptide because Youth to the People has 25% off but aside from that I didn’t pick anything up!

Do share your Boxing Day hauls if you did any!

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