Want That Apres Ski Vibe? Get This Scent On Sale!

Tis the season for skiing! We’re headed upstate shortly for a ski/snowboard weekend in the Catskills. I’m kind of hoping for some nice cold weather just because the only thing better than skiing is the after ski vibes! Sitting around the fire, drinking cocoa, and just chilling after a day on the cold slopes is one of the best feel good vibes every.

Without a doubt hot chocolate is the drink of the season (and the ski slopes). And lucky enough, Victoria’s Secret realized this too because they came out with an Apres Snow Fragrance Mist Collection a few weeks ago for the Winter/Holiday 2023 season and the collection included a fragrance called Frostmelt. What does it smell like? Fresh mint, hot chocolate, and whipped pistachio! Victoria Secret’s has been really hitting it out of the park with the unique gourmands this past year! We had that delicious whipped cream pumpkin in the form of the Warm Vanilla Body Mist plus there have been a few others. They are doing scents way more different and special than the normal repetitive round from Bath and Body Works. I’ll never understand why Bath and Body Works refuses to give us good gourmands. Sometimes they’ll throw us a bone but typically they rehash so many of their scents, stick new labels on them, and expect to somehow fool us into believing it’s new. And P.S. Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa & Mint was amazing why did they never bring it back!? Anyway, I’m ever so grateful Victoria’s Secrets sees the hole in the market and has been filling it with these fun scents.

Best part is the fact Victoria’s Secret has so many scents on clearance at the moment. The Apres Snow Frostmelt Fragrance Mist and Lotion are $5.99 each online (my stores are sold out but I got some backups online! Free shipping on $50 or more!).

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