Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Cashmere Body Mist Gets a Marshmallow Upgrade

Well, you can’t say Victoria’s Secret isn’t a woman of the people. They hear us, they know what we want, and they give it to us because The new Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Cashmere Body Mist got a marshmallow upgrade and I’m here for that and I know a lot of gourmand lovers are too!

Bath & Body Works take note because lately Victoria’s Secret and Pink has been doing some highly interesting body mists! It all started when I hauled Pink Warm Vanilla Body Mist with it’s swirls of cinnamon and marshmallow and it all just spiraled from there. Is Victoria’s Secret revamping fragrances we know and love with new notes in some cases? Yeah, in some cases they are but do I care? No, because at least they aren’t pulling a Bath and Body Works on us where they give us a new label and name but the fragrance is the same. Is Victoria’s Secret giving us new, exciting blends? Yes, to that too! And a lot of them are gourmands which I’m here for because lord knows I’m tired of Japanese Cherry Blossom being the bestseller for the past 75 years of my life.

Speaking of upgrades we got one with this new Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Cashmere Body Mist. Victoria’s Secret revamped three of their popular scents to include in this Cashmere Collection but the one that really sounds the most interesting is Love Spell. Who didn’t literally hose themselves down with Love Spell at one point in their life? I may still do that from time to time but I’m not confirming that officially.

Well, this new version gets an upgrade with….can I get a drum roll? MARSHMALLOW! They freaking out a Marshmallow Note in Love Spell! I think I’m stroking out right now because I love marshmallow and the idea of it in Love Spell is sending me into hysterics. Apparently, it has that tangy nectarine note that comes through with Love Spell but also, fluffy marshmallow on top. Ok, sign me up! I’ll take a bottle! I need smell this ASAP.

Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Cashmere Body Mist and the entire Cashmere Collection is available now online! Have you smelled it yet?

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