Victoria’s Secret Frostmelt Fragrance Mist Review

Victoria’s Secret Frostmelt is a limited-edition, Holiday 2023 launch that’s part of the Victoria’s Secret Après Snow Fragrance Mist Collection. I picked this up about a month or so ago and recently, I ended up hauling some backups since it’s on sale during the Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale. The Fragrance Mist and the Body Lotion is $5.99 each which is a deal! As a gourmand lover I’m really impressed with all the yummy scents Victoria’s Secret has been releasing lately. Frostmelt had notes of mint and hot chocolate so you know I instantly needed this especially because it’s been a spell since Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa & Mint launched and my little stash is almost gone!

Don’t think this is a dupe by any means for Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa & Mint! Not even close! They are both beautiful fragrances in different ways. I think if you want more of a hot cocoa scent the Bath and Body Works Christmas Cocoa and Mint gives off more of that vibe than FrostMelt does. And if you want something a little different and unique in the world of hot cocoa we have Frostmelt. The thing that sets Frostmelt apart is the fact it not only includes mint and hot chocolate but whipped pistachio as well. And I can’t tell you what sort of magic is is that note has on this entire blend but somehow, someway it gives the fragrance a certain fluffiness. I especially get that fluffy element when applying the body lotion. I don’t dare call it a marshmallow note but it smells fluffy and sort of pleasantly play-dohish like something you’d get from Lush Snowcake. That sweet marzipan element! It’s delicious and adds such a complexity to the fragrance.

The body spray you get a lot more mint and chocolate from but not as chocolate-y as you’d imagine. The mint makes it fresher but you still have the warmth coming through from the chocolate. It’s delicious and perfectly balanced gourmand that’s not too sweet, not too chocolatey, and not too minty.

Victoria’s Secret Frostmelt is a perfect Winter fragrance. Do stock up on it before it disappears.

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