Twilight x Colourpop Wakes Long Resting Vampires from the Dead

The Colourpop x Twilight Makeup Collection is on the way for January 11th and I’m just trying to understand why I was obsessed with this franchise at one point. I think I can finally admit to myself how bad the acting was in those movies but when they originally came out I was all like “Wow this is the best thing I ever seen in my life! Award winning!” I still really love the books but yeah, maybe some of us can agree that Robert and Kristen looked like they were being held hostage and forced to do those films.

But hey, I’m up for a Twilight Makeup Collection especially a Colourpop Twilight Makeup Collection! But we have to remember this isn’t the first Twilight Collection we’ve seen in the makeup world.

We had an entire Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Collection back in 2012. I even reviewed a few pieces from that collection! As I recall I had purchased the Essence Breaking Dawn Lipgloss, Essence Breaking Dawn Part 2 Glitter Eyeliner, and Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pigment!

And who can forget the legendary Duwop Twilight Lip Venom V!

But the real meat of Twilight Makeup was the Immortal Twilight Fragrance release and of course, the entire Twilight Makeup release that launched back in 2009.

So, Colourpop isn’t doing anything groundbreaking here but I’m still curious how what they’ll release in this collection and if the colors will represent the series well. We’ll have to wait a little longer to get more details. What do you want from the Twilight x Colourpop Collection?

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