Trader Joe’s Shimmering Candy Cane Body Butter for Holiday 2023

Trader Joe’s is just hitting us hard with these amazing Holiday 2023 launches! First a new Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Trio that includes a brand new Brazil Nut Body Oil, after that we got a new Trader Joe’s Hot Cocoa Body Scrub, and now a Candy Cane Body Butter? The hell up and get in my cart. This is so exciting. Yes, I know, I just hauled the entire Dove Holiday Treats Collection not to mention I snatched up the Tree Hut Holiday 2023 Collection because hello, they have tons of candy cane scented items too! But I absolutely need to see what Trader Joe’s has cooked up with this new Shimmering Candy Candy Body Butter!

Trader Joe is legendary for introducing seasonal body butters! We always get a Fall and Summer one and of course, a Holiday on now too! This new Shimmering Candy Cane Body Butter is $5.99 and 8 oz in size. I do so wish they’d have given us a matching Hot Cocoa Body Butter to go along with the scrub but I’m not ranting too hard as we can combine the candy cane and the hot cocoa right? Peppermint Hot Cocoa anyone?

Trader Joe’s Obsessed posted this on Instagram. She lives on the West Coast so I suspect later this week the new launches will pop up here on the East Coast. I’ll let you know as soon as they drop!

Are you excited about the new Trader Joe’s Shimmering Candy Cane Body Butter?

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