Top 50 Vegan Blogs of 2024

Top 50 Vegan Blogs of 2024

Welcome to the Top 50 Vegan Blogs for 2024, based on your nominations and our evaluation of quality of content, recipes, and nutrition information! These are the top plant-based bloggers you should be following in 2024, each of whom are providing an amazing array of vegan recipes, cooking tips, and resources straight to your kitchen and lifestyle! 

It’s a good thing that we have so many resources, such as hundreds of award-winning blogs, for living the plant-based lifestyle. Plant-based eating is hotter than ever, with more and more research documenting the multiple health benefits for both people and the planet. Eating a more plant-based diet can reduce your risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and hypertension, plus you can cut your carbon footprint, water footprint, and the amount of land needed to grow your food. All by making simple choices on your plate. Even if you don’t want to go completely plant-based, you can gain benefits by eating vegan or vegetarian some of the time (also known as flexitarian). In fact, more than 90% of people say they’re interested in eating more plant-based today, and one in ten Americans say they don’t eat meat

Luckily for us, plant-based content is just a click away, thanks to the inspiration, nutrition advice, gorgeous recipes, and tips for highlighting plants on the plate on our favorite plant-based and vegan blogs. There are now so many vegan blogs to choose from, sifting through them for high quality content can be a challenge. That’s why our team gathered our top picks for the best vegan blog for 2024. We based our list on a variety of criteria, including nominations by my community on my social media channels (thank you everyone for your hundreds of nominations!), and a critical review based on the following factors: 

  • Does the blog offer primarily 100% plant-based content?
  • Does the blog provide helpful, evidence-based information that is free from fads?
  • Is the blog gorgeous, delicious, healthy, and inviting?
  • Is the blog content fresh and frequently updated?
  • Does the blog have a unique, standout viewpoint?

We applaud the amazing commitment to providing high value, reliable, helpful, and science-based information to the public that these vegan bloggers’ demonstrated. We are completely in awe of and inspired by the amazing work they do, and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us in the coming year. 

Be sure to follow along with me in 2024 at, where I will offer a bounty of new, exciting content coming your way!

Without further ado, here you have it…the Top 50 Vegan Food Blogs of 2024 that keep on inspiring! Make sure to check out these blogs all year. And let us know which are your own favorite plant-based blogs in my comments section below. While you’re at it, look at our Top Plant-Based Blogs from 2023 here. And don’t forget to check out my blog every day in 2024, where I’ll be sharing my best plant-based eating resources for 2024. Sign up to get my recipes and nutrition tips delivered directly to your inbox here.

Top 50 Vegan Food Blogs of 2024

1. Oh She Glows

Creator: Angela Liddon, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, tips, and advice
Unique Viewpoint: Recipe developer and photographer Angela Liddon shares vegan, plant-based, and family-friendly recipes the whole family will love. Gluten-free and allergy-free options are available.

2. Vegan Richa

Creator: Richa Hingle, recipe developer, content creator, photographer
Content: Provides recipes and resources
Unique Viewpoint: Award-winning recipe developer and blogger shares recipes that are vegan with gluten, soy-nut, and oil-free options, as well as instant pot options. Specialty is Indian food.

3. Love and Lemons

Creators: Jeanine Donofrio and Jack Mathews
Content: Plant-based recipes, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free
Unique Viewpoint: This husband and wife team create their plant-based recipes from home. Resources include three cookbooks and helpful information on products and plant-based cooking basics. 

4. Deliciously Ella

Creator: Ella Woodward, recipe developer
Content: Provides recipes, resources, and products
Unique Viewpoint: Recipe developer Ella Woodward shares a plant-based lifestyle platform that provides vegan recipes, a series of podcasts, plant-based food products, and more.

5. Vegan Yack Attack

Creator: Jackie Sobon, recipe developer, photographer, writer
Content: Provides recipes and photography lessons
Unique Vision: Recipe developer and food photographer Jackie Sobon provides vegan, plant-based, recipes on her blog as well as menu/recipe development tips, and photography lessons.

6. Veggies Save The Day

Creator: Amy Katz, certified vegan health coach, recipe developer
Content: Provides recipes and nutrition guides
Unique Viewpoint: Amy Katz is a certified vegan health coach who shares vegan, plant-based recipes on her blog. Specialty is Mediterranean.

7. Plant Based Juniors

Creator: Whitney English and Alex Caspero, registered dietitians
Content: Provide recipes, prenatal and pediatric nutrition, meal guides, and resources
Unique Viewpoint: As registered dietitians and parents, Whitney and Alex share vegan, and plant-based recipes targeting the prenatal and pediatric community.

8. The Full Helping

Creator: Gena Hamshaw, registered dietitian, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, nutrition counseling, reflections, resources, and articles
Unique Viewpoint: Keeping in mind accessible and fun vegan cooking, registered dietitian Gena Hamshaw shares her vegan, plant-based recipes, with gluten-, soy-, tree-nut, and oil-free options.

9. My Vegan Minimalist

Creator: Tajda Ferko
Content: Vegan recipes easy enough for beginners with step-by-step instructions
Unique Viewpoint: Award-winning food photographer, Tajda captures every step of the prep, from ingredients to process, visually coaching each recipe to perfection.

10. My Darling Vegan

Creator: Sarah McMinn, culinary school graduate, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, resources, and guides
Unique Viewpoint: A 15-year and counting vegan, professional photographer, and culinary school graduate, Sarah McMinn shines the light on vegan, plant-based, and family friendly recipes on her food blog.

11. Plant-based on a Budget

Creator: Toni Okamoto
Content: Affordable, tasty, and accessible plant-based recipes 
Unique Viewpoint: Tori shows us all how plant-based eating doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money on complex ingredients, instead sharing easy, delicious, and affordable plant-based meals.

12. Minimalist Vegan

Creator: Maša and Michael Ofei, photographers, recipe developers, authors, podcasters, bloggers
Content: Provides articles and resources on minimalism, sustainable living, and veganism.
Unique Viewpoint: Married couple living and sharing their minimalism meets veganism manifesto and the balance between eating well and living mindfully.

13. Veggies Don’t Bite

Creator: Sophia Tsoukas DeSantis, Master’s in education, recipe developer, food photographer
Content: Provides recipes, nutrition courses, and coaching/support
Unique Viewpoint: Sophia shares vegan, plant-based, gluten-free, and sugar-free recipes on her blog by using whole food ingredients to create simple recipes.

14. Easy Chickpeasy

Creator: Tori Vasko, MS, RD
Content: Beautifully photographed plant-based recipes packed with information
Unique Viewpoint: Tori is a dietitian who provides nutrition information, references studies, and gives ingredient substitutions and variations for every recipe, even storage and helpful tips.

15. Chocolate Covered Katie

Creator: Katie Higgins, recipe developer, writer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes and meal ideas
Unique Viewpoint: A food blog dedicated to pure desserts that are all vegan with gluten, soy, and sugar free options.

16. Emilie Eats

Creator: Emilie Hebert, MS in nutrition, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes and tips
Unique Viewpoint: On a mission to create mouth-watering plant-based dishes anyone can enjoy.

17. Olives for Dinner

Creator: Erin Wysocarski, recipe development, writers, food photographers, food stylers
Content: Provides recipes, reviews, and interviews
Unique Viewpoint: Along with her husband, recipe creator and food photographer, Erin Wysocarski shares her vegan comfort food. Specialty is vegan seafood and East Asian-inspired dishes.

18. My Goodness Kitchen

Creator: Amanda Logan, cook, author, photographer
Content: Provides recipes and resources
Unique Viewpoint: Amanda takes classic and much-loved dishes and creates plant-based versions. All her recipes on the blog are vegan, plant-based, with gluten-free options the whole family will enjoy.

19. The Korean Vegan

Creator: Joanne Molinaro, writer, recipe developer
Content: Provides recipes and articles
Unique Viewpoint: Lawyer by day and author/blogger by night, Joanne shares her vegan, plant-based, gluten-free recipes.

20. Sweet Greens Vegan

Creator: Shakayla Houston, recipe developer
Content: Provides recipes, restaurant reviews, and tips
Unique Viewpoint: Creating vegan dishes that people can’t believe are vegan is something she enjoys doing. On her website you’ll find all plant-based dishes to help make your Meatless Mondays more fun.

21. Make It Dairy Free

Creator: Larisha and Andrew Bernard, writers, photographers
Content: Provides recipes and nutrition resources
Unique Viewpoint: Award-winning team, Larisha and Andrew Bernard, provide vegan, plant-based recipes along with nutrition resources.

22. This Rawsome Vegan Life

Creator: Emily von Euw, recipe developer, food photographer
Content: Provides recipes, product reviews, recipe demos
Unique Viewpoint: After creating raw vegan desserts, Em started a vegan food blog with raw, plant-based recipes.

23. Taylor Wolfram

Creator: Taylor Wolfram, registered dietitian, writer
Content: Provides nutrition counseling, nutrition information, and courses
Unique Viewpoint: As a registered dietitian and writer, Taylor specializes in intuitive eating, self-care, and vegan nutrition, and provides nutrition counseling and courses with a take on veganism.

24. Pick Up Limes

Creator: Sadia Badiei, registered dietitian, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, tips and tricks, and advice
Unique Viewpoint: Registered dietitian Sadia Badiei is a recipe developer and photographer that enjoys sharing her vegan, plant-based recipes, advice, and tips on digestive wellness and sports nutrition.

25. Plant Based with Amy

Creator: Amy Gorin, MS, RDN
Content: Lots of plant-based recipes, informative blog, and downloadable plant-based resources
Unique Viewpoint: As a dietitian who used to be vegetarian and is now pescatarian, Amy’s goal is to get everyone on board by making plant-based easy and delicious. An expert in her field, she knows her stuff!

26. Black Vegans Rock

Creator: Aph Ko, digital media producer, author
Content: Provides resources and interviews
Unique Viewpoint: Creator Aph Ko shares vegan and plant-based resources and interviews with other vegan individuals in the black community.

27. Fried Dandelions

Creator: Sarah De La Cruz, recipe developer
Content: Provides recipes, restaurant reviews, resources, and articles
Unique Viewpoint: Sarah is a recipe developer who provides vegan, family friendly, and allergy-friendly dishes.

28. Resplendent Kitchen

Creator: Emily Miller, recipe developer, food photography
Content: Provides vegan recipes
Unique Viewpoint: Emily focuses on seasonal foods and with that in mind, creates vegan, plant-based dishes with gluten-free and refined sugar-free options.

29. Vegan Health

Creator: Registered dietitians Reed Mangels, Ginny Messina, Jack Norris, and Taylor Wolfram
Content: Provides reviews, discussions, and recommendations
Unique Viewpoint: Vegan Health is an evidence-based nutrient recommendation website that provides evidence-based reviews, discussions, and recommendations.

30. Beautiful Ingredient

Creator: Kari Gray
Content: 30-minute vegan recipes that are gluten-free, oil-free, and refined sugar-free
Unique Viewpoint: Simple plant-based “without a lot of fuss” recipes using whole foods as close as possible to their natural form.

31. Strength and Sunshine

Creator: Rebecca Pytell, recipe developer, content creator
Content: Provides recipes, and celiac disease/food allergy coaching
Unique Viewpoint: Rebecca shares her vegan, plant-based dishes, with the majority being gluten-free and allergen-free, along with helpful tips and advice on navigating celiac disease and food allergies.

32. Plant Based Cooking

Creator: Diane Smith, certified plant-based nutrition expert, food over medicine instructor, recipe developer
Content: Provides recipes, nutrition articles and meal-planning
Unique Viewpoint: Certified in plant-based nutrition expert and food over medicine instructor, Diane has helped individuals transition to a plant-based lifestyle for over nine years through her recipes, meal-planning and guidance.

33. Purely Planted

Creator: Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN
Content: Plant-based recipes and wellness blog
Unique Viewpoint: Nichole is a registered dietitian who has written two books on nutrition, including one for vegan athletes. Her blog includes plant-based nutrition, eco-living, yoga and meditation, and taking action for animals. 

34. Sweet Simple Vegan

Creator: Jasmine Briones and Chris Petrellese, recipe developers, photographers
Content: Provides vegan recipes
Unique Viewpoint: What first started out as a hobby blog has now transformed into a platform for food bloggers Jasmine and Chris to share their passion and creativity of veganism with the world with their vegan recipes.

35. Rachel Ama

Creator: Rachel Ama, food photographer, recipe. developer
Content: Recipes, cookbooks, recently launched vegan jerk sauce in March 2023
Unique Viewpoint: Bold, fun, nostalgic, and exciting vegan recipes. 

36. Plant Based RD

Creator: Catherine Perez, registered dietitian
Content: Provides recipes, nutrition education tips, and articles
Unique Viewpoint: Catherine is a registered dietitian who provides vegan, plant-based recipes and nutrition education tips.

37. One Arab Vegan

Creator: Nada Elbarshoumi, chef, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, resources, reviews, tips and tricks
Unique Viewpoint: Nada is a chef, recipe developer and photographer, who enjoys sharing some of her favorite vegan, plant-based dishes with a Middle-eastern flavor.

38. Dianne’s Vegan Kitchen

Creator: Diane Wenze, vegan health and lifestyle coach, chef, and cookbook author
Content: Easy to navigate collection of vegan recipes and tips on plant-based living
Unique Viewpoint: Diane offers step by step recipes with photos, how to customize, and how to serve, as well as coaching and cooking classes.

39 Sarah’s Vegan Guide

Creator: Sarah Mordelt, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, meal plans, resources, tips, traveling & restaurants
Unique Viewpoint: Sarah shares her vegan and cost-efficient recipes that are simple, affordable, and tasty all at the same time.

40. Intentionally Eat!

Creator: Cindy Newland
Content: Plant-based education and recipes to support health-promoting food choices
Unique Viewpoint: A certified health coach and professional cook, Cindy shares plant-based recipes and resources like exercise tips and videos, and a 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge.

41. The Nut-Free Vegan

Creator: Steven Seighman
Content: Plant-based recipes that are also nut-free
Unique Viewpoint: Steven shares delicious and healthy vegan meals that are nut-free, so that those with allergies can enjoy plant-based meals. Steven is also a food photographer, producing high-quality, gorgeous photos of his recipes. 

42. Heartful Table

Creator: Maša, recipe developer and photographer
Content: Provides recipes and resources
Unique Viewpoint: “Combining a love for cooking with a passion for sharing food with others at mealtime is what Heartful Table is all about.”

43. The Full Helping

Creator: Gena RDN, nutrition counselor, recipe developer, photographer
Content: Provides recipes, blog posts, a book, and resources
Unique Viewpoint: The blogger has a history of disordered eating and tries to shape eating as a form of pleasure and nourishment

44. Rainbow Plant Life

Creator: Nisha JD, recipe developer, photographer 
Content: Cookbook “The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook,” recipes
Unique Viewpoint: “You’ll find vegan lifestyle tips, like how to prepare a week’s worth of meals with just a handful of ingredients and stock a plant-based pantry.”  “Meal prep on a budget.”

45. Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

Creator: Sarah, photography, videography, and recipe development 
Content: Recipes and YouTube videos
Unique Viewpoint: Sustainability, slow-living, and from-scratch cooking

46. The Foodie Takes Flight 

Creator: Jeeca, food content creator. and recipe developer passionate about creating easy yet tasty and flavor-packed vegan recipes. 
Content: Cookbook, recipes, blog
Unique Viewpoints: Asian recipes inspired by travels and those she grew up enjoying in the Phillippines. 

47. Avant-Garde Vegan

Creator: Gaz Oakley, Trained chef, author, restaurant consultant, and Youtuber
Content: Cookbook, recipes, merchandise
Unique Viewpoint: Focus on athletics/bodybuilding and veganism. Tailored to vegan men.

48. Rabbit and Wolves 

Creator: Lauren, trained pastry chef, recipe developer, food photographer
Content: Cookbook, recipes, cooking printables
Unique Viewpoint: The creator takes on the challenge to make anything and everything vegan

49. ElaVegan 

Creator: Michaela Vais, food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer, and author of the cookbook Simple and Delicious Vegan
Content: Cookbook, recipes, blog posts, meal planner app
Unique Viewpoint: Almost all of the recipes are also gluten-free, refined sugar-free, often oil-free, and easy to make

50. Monkey and Me

Creator: Ameera and Robin. (mother-daughter duo), recipe developers, food WFPB certified
Content: Recipes, blog posts
Unique Viewpoint: Focuses on vegan, oil-free, refined sugar-free, and minimally processed to no processed food ingredients. Additionally, all recipes are also gluten-free.

And because we have our own award-winning, beautiful blog at, we are adding one more blog to our Top 50 Vegan Blogs…dah dah! 

Sharon Palmer, The Plant-Powered Dietitian

Creator: Sharon Palmer, MSFS, RDN, recipe developer, author, blogger, photographer 
Content: 100% plant-based recipes for all meal categories, how-to cooking guides, nutrition blogs, free resources, and sustainable living tips
Unique Viewpoint: Sharon is a registered dietitian nutritionist with an advanced degree in sustainable food systems, which gives her unique expertise and science-based approach to living your best plant-powered life. 


Check out last year’s winners of the Top 50 Plant-Based Blog awards

And we want to hear more from you! What are some of your favorite plant-based and vegan blogs? Drop us a comment below. 

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