Too Faced Disco Crush Eye & Face Sparkle Drops Soon

he most innovative glitter formula you ever tried? I dunno about that but Too Faced Disco Crush Eye & Face Sparkle is claiming just that! Too Faced Disco Crush Eye & Face Sparkle is part of the new Too Faced Fantasy Factory Collection. What is Too Faced Fantasy Factory? Fantasy Factory is a program with extremely limited-edition small batch releases of never-before-seen products. It’s sort of like when Lush does forum releases that never make an appearance on the website and are available exclusively for forum members. I’m sure the idea is to get people pumped about owning something that’s very “rare” and available for a limited-time. I think the frenzy of limited-edition makeup has long since faded for me but it is still alive and kicking. This could be an interesting move for Too Faced IF they actually stick to the “limited-edition” agenda. As I’m sure it’ll upset a lot of people if they release something as limited only to later on bring it back in bulk and allow everyone to order it.

The very first drop in this new Fantasy Factory Collection is the Disco Crush Eye & Face Sparkle which doesn’t yet have a price. Apparently the formula is safe for use on eyes, face, and body. It’s a multi-dimensional shifting shimmer that’s highly pigmented and promises no fall out and sparkle that doesn’t quit. The shade looks like a warm rosy bronze! It’s very pretty and I am curious about the “intense shimmer and glitter” they are promising! I’m wondering about the price though! Will it more than a regular single shade from Too Faced? That being said, Too Faced hasn’t released single eyeshadow shades in a while now!

Do you think you want Too Faced Disco Crush Eye & Face Sparkle? Too Faced Disco Crush Eye & Face Sparkle is available soon!

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