Toned Body Challenge 2024 Winners

Toned Body Challenge 2024 Winners

Toned Body Challenge 2024 Winners!

Our team is continuously impressed by our LSF community. All the women in this community worked their butts off and we’re so proud of each and every one of you! You all finished this 30 day challenge so strong and your transformations, inside and out, were INCREDIBLE!

Thank you for pushing yourselves and our community to be the best we can be! 

Time to shout out our TBC 2024 winners! These inspiring women, not only have incredible transformation photos but the most amazing stories we can’t wait to share.


Jessica Buren (@jessicasjourney_lsf)

Total pounds lost: 6

Jessica’s Story: 

“I started your Move app and eating plans this past fall after having my 3rd baby. My first 2 were twins born in 2021, so yes I have 3 kiddos under 3! I had diastasis recti after both pregnancies and after the first one I had a long slow progression back to a healthy lifestyle. TBC really helped me to dial in my fitness routine and nutrition. With [the help of my husband and] the amazing TeamLSF community I was able to be more disciplined than ever before. I have learned how to cook healthier meals for my family, have established lasting healthy routines and at the end of the day I have more energy for them all. If we could do this in 30 days I look forward to seeing what we can do the rest of this year!”


Angela Ciambriello (angelaciams_lsf)

Total Pounds Lost: 9

Angela’s Story:

“I dived completely in for TBC – created a LSF insta, completed every MOVE workout and followed the HBMP. I have wanted to make a lifestyle modification for a while, but never had the right tools. I realize now the missing tools were learning about nutrition and finding a supportive community (thanks, team LSF).” At a doctors appointment, “I was told I developed pre-diabetes which honestly scared me. When I saw TBC, I knew it was what I needed to stay on track and break the cycle once and for all. After TBC I look forward to working out. My mindset has shifted from “I have to workout” to “I get to workout”. My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and I feel stronger physically and mentally. I now look forward to daily movement and eating healthy. This is just the beginning!”

Jessica Brooke Abrams (@jess.sweats.lsf)

Total Pounds Lost: 6

Jessica’s Story: 

“I started this challenge as a reset for the new year to hold myself accountable to committing to working out with the move app every single day and closely following the HBMP. I also really wanted a support system for this challenge so I started #teamlsfslay and these women were incredible with motivating me and sharing their support throughout the challenge. I don’t think I could have stayed so consistent without them! This challenge got me into the habit of working out and eating right consistently.”


Aleena Nichols (Faithfitness_girl.lsf)

Our Pink Heart Award goes to a member in the #teamLSF community who not only stayed dedicated to their own fitness journey, but was also extremely encouraging of her fellow #teamlsf babes! Every challenge we ask members to submit people who motivated them and was a source of positivity and encouragement throughout the challenge. 

By far the member who received the most shoutouts was Aleena Nichols (Faithfitness_girl.lsf). Aleena lost 5 pounds herself! Thank you Aleena for being so encouraging to everyone in the #teamlsf community throughout this challenge! 


We received SO many amazing submissions to this challenge that it was nearly impossible to just spotlight our Grand Prize Winner, Runner Ups, and Pink Heart Recipient. We wanted to shout out these amazing members who also had insane transformations & heartwarming stories! 

Left to right: @Dani_doing_lsf (lost 4lbs), @Lovesweattenita (lost 11lbs), @Blissbeefit_lsf (lost 1lb)


Left to right: @April_teamlsf (lost 3lbs), @Eunlop03_lsf (lost 3lbs)

 Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2024 Toned Body Challenge! Our next challenge starts Monday 2/19 and it is our FIRST EVER nutrition challenge! Hope you join us for it!

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