The Dietary Changes That May Add Up To 13 Years To Your Life

The Dietary Changes That May Add Up To 13 Years To Your Life

Legumes—which include lentils, beans, and chickpeas—are packed with protein, fiber, and phytonutrients, making them a staple for any plant-based (and longevity-focused) diet. If you’re looking for a filling lunch recipe, try this chickpea and samphire salad. For a hearty dinner, take a stab at this smoky chickpea, red lentil, and vegetable soup

When it comes to whole grains, there are so many incredible nutrient-dense options to choose from! Choose from ancient grains (such as millet, fonio, amaranth, bulgur, rye, quinoa, and buckwheat) for their unprocessed health benefits. You can eat whole grains for breakfast (e.g., this raw buckwheat and clementine winter breakfast bowl) or add them to a light salad for some added protein and carbs, like this roasted cauliflower and pea salad

Nuts are high in protein and healthy fats, but each has a unique nutrient lineup to offer. For example, Brazil nuts are especially high in selenium; walnuts boast benefits for the heart, brain, and gut; and quite a few types of nuts can give you a big boost in magnesium. The best part of nuts? They’re extremely versatile and add a healthy crunch to just about any recipe. (Try our nut butter falafel, citrus superfood granola, or easy pine nut pasta sauce recipes to see what we mean.)

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