The Best Sparkly Korean Eyeshadows

The Best Sparkly Korean Eyeshadows

We had our first big snow in New York over the weekend and really, it wasn’t even all that bad but it was magical while it lasted (now it’s sludge). It’s been pretty cold lately and later tonight we’re having some sort of super windy moment. These are the days you want to snuggle up on the couch and not move till Spring. But sadly, reality sets in fast and we realize some of us still need to head out to work, go grab the essentials at the grocery store, and just live life despite the cold weather. I see so many people talking about seasonal depression and how after the holidays they fall into a funk. I mean, I don’t love the cold but I don’t get depressed about it either. I thrive in this weather if I’m honest. I love a good cozy moment and I think winter is the perfect time for that.

And I really love a little fun makeup around this time of the year! I know that Christmas is over and I shouldn’t be loving on sparkly eyeshadows but I think sparkly eyeshadows and cold weather go hand and hand and I tend to haul out all my fun sparkly eyeshadows to wear around this time of the year. I just recently hauled a bunch of new Dear Dahlia Paradise Shine Eye Sequins and they are just perfect for a cold night out!

Here’s a few other sparkly eyeshadows to add to your Winter wardrobe!

1. UNLEASHIA Glitterpedia Eye Palette $13
If you recently got excited about the return of the By Mario Ethereal Eyes Eyeshadow Palette you may just dig UNLEASHIA’s Glitterpedia Eyeshadow Palettes. These little palettes are a heck of a lot cheaper than $68. They have an assortment of smooth glittery toppers and mattes to create really pretty glittery looks without a ton of effort. Don’t expect SUPER pigment from these but you will get pretty, soft looks from them! I have a few and love them!

2. Blessed Moon Like A Shadow $13.50
If you like a bit of sparkly topper these are perfect for just that! They aren’t SUPER pigmented but they do work great as a topper and create the most ethereal sparkle that just catches the light beautifully! Plus if you build them up you’ll get the most delightful color pay off from them. My favorite shade is Shall We Peach because it adds that perfect pop of peachy sparkly to my look!

3. Peripera All Take Mood Palette $14
If you like the contrast of matte and shimmer these little Peripera Eyeshadow Palettes are perfect for you! Apply a matte and use one of the shimmer toppers to create a pretty sparkly look! The autumn release called Fall in Acorn is a really pretty way to create sparkly smoky look!

4. KLAVUU Urban Pearlsation Sparkle Eyeshadow $7
Think of Klavuu’s Pearlsation Sparkle Eyeshadow as Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow cheaper cousin! Totally a sparkly moment to be hade here! Love these!

5. Peach C Champagne Eye Glitter $6
If chunky glitter is your thing might I recommend these? I LOVE these! With a passion! Sparkle to the max!

6. MISSHA Glitter Prism Liquid Topper $9
Speaking of glitter eyes Miss Missha does do a wonderful one as well plus the sparkle in these is a little more refined compared to Peach C.

7. UNLEASHIA Get Loose Glitter Gel $6.65
If anyone remembers the old Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Colors might I recommend these? They are so much alike with the nicest sparkle and a jelly-like consistency that’s easy to apply and blend!

8. Etude House Mirror Holic Liquid Eyes $7
A cheaper alternative to Dear Dahlia Paradise Shine Eye Sequins! Chunky, sparkly joy for your eyes!

What sparkly eyeshadows are you loving at the moment? Do sharer them!

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