The Best Relationship Advice We Heard From Experts In 2023

Relationships are a fundamental aspect of our wellbeing and lives in general—and yes, they require maintenance and effort! No relationship will be without its ups and downs, and whether you’re single, committed, or in a situationship, there are a few universal truths we all ought to know when it comes to partnering up.

“Being vulnerable means we make a conscious decision not to hide ourselves. This is risky because we can’t control how others will respond to us. It means others see who we truly are, and if they aren’t able to take us in, or appreciate our complexity, and they judge or reject us, it hurts deeply. The irony is, when we [struggle with vulnerability], we end up robbing ourselves of the intimacy, connection, community, and love of the people who have the bandwidth and capacity to take us in as we are. Allow yourself to notice how you feel in different situations, tune in to your body, and practice saying how you genuinely feel about things out loud. It can be surprisingly powerful to say, ‘I feel angry toward my sister,’ or, ‘I feel scared of being alone,’ because often, we doesn’t even allow ourselves to be vulnerable with ourselves.”

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