Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 787

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 787

Big week comin’ up, and I hope you have a good one. This year I’m thankful for many things, including you. Thank you for being you, and thank you for stopping by. I’m also thankful for having been lucky enough to know Tabs, the world’s first and greatest kitty supermodel. 😺 Here’s a look back at some of the things Tabs loved extra about Thanksgiving.

Tabs isn’t one of those cats who needs inspirational posters, holidays or memes to remind himself to be grateful for the blessings in his life. He just is grateful. He’s a cat from humble beginnings who rose to the pinnacle of the kitty modeling industry, and he’s never taken anything for granted.

We were talking the other day — yes, my cat talks to me — about what we’re grateful for this year. I expected him to say one or two things, but he rattled off a list of 10.

10 things Tabs is grateful for this year

  1. Gravy — The green smoothie of the cat world. All of Tabs’s greatest achievements have been powered by gravy.
  2. His younger sister — Their relationship is sometimes dicey, but Tabs is always glad to have another pair of hands to pet him.
  3. Sunny spots for napping
  4. His DIY custom-built deck cat condo — He’s watched many sunsets while dining on fresh organic catnip out there.
  5. Sliced turkey — He prefers Columbus brand, because of its delicate balance of fine flavors, but any sliced turkey will do.
  6. Outdoor walks at the crack of dawn
  7. Fresh cat grass — The more tender the better
  8. His long-term assistants (a.k.a. his family)
  9. His silky coat
  10. The invention of cat harnesses

He’s also grateful for his striking features, as evident in this tabby tutorial for a sparkly, funky Thanksgiving eye look


  1. Apply a metallic bronze loose pigment to the inner half of your lids with a flat eyeshadow brush (I wet my brush first to really amp up the color).
  2. Clean the remaining eyeshadow on your flat eyeshadow brush with a paper towel. Then, rewet the brush head, and apply the copper loose pigment to the outer half of your lid. Now wait for both eyeshadows to dry…
  3. Seamlessly blend the bronze and copper eyeshadows together with a tapered crease brush.
  4. Trace your upper lash line with black liquid liner, and flick out the edge, going up and out.
  5. Draw a little autumn leaves flourish just above the bronze and copper eyeshadow with a brown, and yellow (or gold), liquid liner.
  6. Finish with your most flirty, fabulous pair of false lashes.

Tabs is also grateful for kitty modeling (of course)

It was his ticket to fame and fortune.

Of course he’s grateful for fine dining experiences

He’s also grateful for his home, which he diligently guards from neighborhood cat intruders

But most of all, he’s grateful for friends, family and ? love

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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