Stretch and Chill Yoga

Let your stress melt away with this full body, relaxing flow with Coach Karen!

Slowing down and taking the time for restorative self care like this yoga flow is an important part of your overall balanced training plan.

While it’s easy to think that the results we get come from how hard we go, that’s not actually true. The results we get depend on how effectively we recover and nourish ourselves AFTER we have trained hard.

Adding in mindful movement like this can help balance your stress pillar and support muscle recovery by giving your muscles and joints a break from high impact or high intensity workouts.

Coach Karen is a yoga instructor YTT 200; YTT 500; and a Team Betty Rocker Coach inside of Rock Your Life – my online home workout studio and women’s fitness community!

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Now join Coach Karen to stretch and relax!

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Stretch and Chill Yoga

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Equipment: Optional: Yoga blocks, cushion, strap

1st Sequence

  • Happy baby pose
  • Hip circles
  • Glute and hamstring stretch
  • Bridge

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2nd Sequence

  • Seated wide-angled folds and lateral folds
  • Hero pose or camel pose
  • Seated twist
  • Cow face pose

3rd Sequence

  • Bridge pose
  • Savasana

Great job Rockstar! I’m so glad you were able to be present and take time to tune in to your body today.

Be sure to check in below with me and Coach Karen and let us know how you liked this class and what sequence was your favorite!

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Took more progress pictures and I am so pleased!! I never thought that I could have muscle definition again at 50 years old! Betty Rocker you have changed my life!

-Denise S, Rock Your Life member

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