Strength + Plyo Workout Pyramid (45 Min Class)

Strength + Plyo Workout Pyramid (45 Min Class)

Strength + Plyo Workout Pyramid (45 Min Class) - This workout class mixes dumbbell strength exercises with bodyweight plyometric exercises. Pyramid structure so the intervals get shorter as you go! Full free video includes warm up and cool down. #plyoworkout #strengthworkout #plyometric #workoutvideo #fitness

Happy New Year, friends! Hey it can’t be worse than 2020, right?? *crosses fingers and toes, silently prays, cries* Today I have a strength and plyo workout class for you. It mixes strength exercises using dumbbells and bodyweight plyo exercises. Each time through the circuit, the interval length gets shorter in a pyramid structure.

And you know the drill! If you want more classes like this, they’re available to Patreon members. 🙂

Strength + Plyo Workout Class


  • Set of medium weights (I’m alternating between a set of 10 lbs and 8 lbs, but “medium” could be anything from 5-20lbs depending on the person)

In this class, we start with a guided warm up, focusing on mobility and dynamic movement to build some heat. We then move onto our strength and plyo pyramids. In each of the two pyramids, you’ll preform five exercises. The first time through the five exercises, you do them for 60 seconds each. Then just 45 seconds each. Then 30 seconds each.

You get 15 seconds of rest/transition time between each exercises. Between pyramids, you get about a minute to recover, but pause the video and take more time if needed. Always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed.

We finish class with a guided cool down and stretch.

There is some (minimal) jumping throughout class. Low-impact modifications will be shown on the screen if you want to keep the entire workout low impact.

Workout Breakdown

01:33 Warm Up & Mobility

10:03 Strength + Plyo Pyramid Workout

Pyramid 1

  • Rev Fly, Row Kickback
  • Overhead Raise R/L, Bear Plank Row R/L
  • Inchworm Push Up to Squat Jump
  • Curtsy Lunge, Knee Drive, Squat
  • Skater SL Hop

Pyramid 2

  • Shoulder Sweep, Press, Shaper
  • Press Jacks x2 Lunge Press R/L
  • (RIGHT) Torso Twist, Squat Step
  • (LEFT)
  • Tick Tock Lunges, Jump Lunge

41:55 Cool Down & Stretch

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