Stila Stay All Day Blurring Setting Spray is The Brand’s First Ever Setting Spray

Stila has been around forever and a day! I’ve been obsessed with the brand far too many years to count (it’s been around since 1994) especially when Stila Kitten was a thing and the Stila Girls were something we simply could not get enough of! From Stila Travel Girl Palettes to Stila Kitten Powder it was all so terribly cute! Hell, I still have the Stila Picnic Trios. In 2010, Stila was no longer available at Sephora and a new era started when it was purchased by Patriarch Partners. In all my years with Stila Cosmetics I’ve never seen them do a setting spray. If you ever in your life remember them doing a makeup setting spray I need you to immediately contact me. E-mail, DM, comments, because never in my life do I remember a Stila Setting Spray and that’s exactly what we’re getting in the Stila Spring 2024 Collection!

Stila Stay All Day Blurring Setting Spray is a new lightweight mist to keep makeup fresh and long-wearing for 16 hours. It was created to blur and smooth skin as it sets makeup. It has a citrus scent with notes or orange, passion, and lily flower extracts. I’m not really a setting spray kind of girl! I always feel like I’m ruining my makeup when I apply it so I don’t really need this but I think it sorts of exciting that after all these years Stila was like, well, time to try something different.

Stila Stay All Day Blurring Setting Spray is available now for $34. What are your fondest Stila memories?

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