Spring Wish List, Part 1

Spring Wish List, Part 1

The sun came out for five minutes yesterday afternoon, and for a brief moment, it felt like spring was on the horizon.

For sure I’m loving all the rain, but I can’t wait to wear cute spring clothes and fun spring colors, and yes, I have all the things on my wish list, LOL!

1. Donna Karan Cashmere Collection

I’m a fan of Donna Karan’s cult fave deodorant (!), Cashmere Mist, so when I heard that the line was releasing a few new versions of the classic scent, I immediately put one of the flankers in my cart.

I really want to sniff Cashmere & Tiare Flower, a solar floral with top notes of ashoka flower and bergamot, a tiare flower middle note and a vetiver base.

Cashmere & Tunisian Neroli sounds beautiful, too. It’s a bright citrus floral, which is so my jam, with a bergamot top note, a neroli middle note and a cedarwood base.

2. MAC Maximal Lipsticks

Well these look fun! MAC recently reformulated their matte lipsticks into their new Maixmal formula to make them feel comfy and silky; I’m really hoping that they didn’t muck up my go-to Velvet Teddy!

3. Nike Women’s Dunk Low Basketball Shoes

Aka the Dunk Low Pandas! I consider these shoes a classic staple because the black and white combo is neutral and goes with everything. I think these kicks would add a cute edge to jeans or a monochromatic black or tan outfit!

Side note, I’ve noticed Nike shoes typically run a little small on me, so I usually go a half size bigger with their shoes. However, I’ve read that that the Dunks have unisex sizing and are true to size. Hmmm. I might end up getting my usual size along with the slightly larger one too and keep what fits best.

4. Sam Edelman Loafers

While we’re on the subject of shoes, I’ve been eyeing the classic Sam Edleman bit loafers for so long! I would like to get both the black and tan colors to cover all my wardrobe bases.

5. No-show socks

So here’s something that’s been bugging me for a while — the quest for non-annoying no-show socks!

Which ones do you like?

I have yet to find a brand of no-show socks that stays put. If you know one that’s especially great for loafers, please drop this very valuable and important knowledge ASAP!

6. A swing trench

Years ago I bought a swing trench from J. Crew that I loved and wore all throughout spring and summer.

Alas, after having a baby, it no longer fits me the way it used to.

Oh yeah, I think it’s rude how nobody ever tells you at the baby shower how your ribs will shift, and how they’ll seemingly never go back to the way they used to be. Anywho!

This one by Steve Madden looks similar to it, and I have a feeling I’d wear it a ton.

7. Lady jacket from J. Crew

In theory I love J Crew style, but the last couple times I bought stuff from there, the quality left much to be desired. I do love the look of this lady jacket, though, and can see myself wearing it a lot.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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