Sol de Janeiro After Hours Body Cream May Be Coming for Spring 2024

Sol de Janeiro After Hours Body Cream may be coming for Spring 2024 and if I’m right that may mean a relaunch of a larger After Hours Perfume Mist or the return of the smaller version.

As you know After Hours released in August as a Fall 2023 fragrance release. It was an insta-buy for me because I really enjoy Sol de Janeiro scents. I do think the scent is sort of odd for Sol de Janeiro because I’ve stereotyped them into a tropical brand and I expect tropical scents from them and After Hours was in no way a do you like pina colada moment. Sol de Janeiro described it as an “intoxicating, velvety, and amber-floral fragrance invites you to experience the magnetism of an uninhibited evening. Dusk turns to dawn with hypnotic notes of midnight jasmine, black currant, and amber woods.” I got a Flowerbomb from it and a bit of YSL Black Opium. It was way different and off brand for Sol de Janeiro. I liked it but didn’t love it. It’s been sold out for a while now though but I suspect they are gearing up for a permanent relaunch of the scent (it was limited-edition the first go around but before that it looks like we are getting a Sol de Janeiro After Hours Body Cream. This is a assumption on my part as the brand took to social media yesterday and posted a factory reel showing them filling up dark blue jars with a body cream. The dark blue hinted it was After Hours BUT it could be an entirely new fragrance. But I think my assumption is a safe bet as the packaging color is identical to the one used on the After Hours bottle. I think this means they’ll make After Hours permanent and it might end up becoming available in a larger bottle as the original was the 3.04 oz bottle.

If you really liked this scent you’re in for a treat if I’m right. Do you think the Sol de Janeiro After Hours Body Cream will be a thing for Spring 2024?

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