Snif Vanilla Vice Now Available at Ulta with a Free Gift

Sniff Vanilla Vice Perfume launched yesterday and it hits all the right gourmand spots with notes of ice cream, madagascar vanilla, jasmine sambac, amberwood, musk and orcanox. I’m probably not blind buying this one simply because it sounds like a more woodsy vanilla and I enjoy more true vanilla cake-like scents but it does sound intriguing. But I will check it out for free (with free shipping!)!

If you’re curious enough you can actually try it free at home. They’ll send you a $65 bottle along with a 2ML sample. You can’t touch the bottle when you get it but you can test the 2ML sample if you love it you can go ahead and crack the bottle open and your credit card which was pre-authorized at checkout will automatically be charged after 7 days. If you hate it you simply start a return process on their website and they’ll send you a prepaid label to ship it back. It’s actually a cool way to try out the scent without committing to a larger bottle or HAVING to wait for a bottle to arrive s you already get it with your shipment you just can’t open it till you’ve tested out the sample and find out if you love or hate and if it’s a keeper or going back!

Or today, if you’re a Diamond/Platinum Member at Ulta you can get early access to purchase Snif Vanilla Vice and get a free Sweet Ash Eau de Toilette Mini Perfume with purchase at!

I don’t want to completely write this one off because By Rosie Jane Dulce is another woodsy vanilla that turned into an absolute love for me! I’m sort of hoping Vanilla Vice is along the same lines (or knowing Snif it might actually be a dupe of sorts).

Snif Vanilla Vice is available now free of charge! Hopefully it launches soon at at Ulta.

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