Shelley Hennig Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Shelley Hennig Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Netflix’s latest drama comedy ‘Obliterated’ featuring Shelly Hennig and Nick Zano along with a cast of other talented actors, is quickly topping up the charts. Shelly Hennig and her filmography have been quite impressive. With projects like ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘Teen Wolf – The Movie’, ‘Unfriended’ and ‘Ouija’, the girl is already winning at the popularity game. 

Having started early, as a pageant winner, Shelly has been facing the camera for close to two decades now. And her camera presence has only improved, pulling more and more attention to herself, not just for her physical presence but also for her acting talent. Being a model helps, but Shelly Hennig carries an enviable physique. We are surely curious about her workout routine and the secrets behind this. 

So, you are enamored by her appearance too, and wonder what goes behind that toned and strong body despite a hectic schedule, keep scrolling. In this post, we will dive deep into the Shelley Hennig Diet Plan and Shelley Hennig Workout Routine of Shelley Hennig, and give you some good tips to follow. 

Shelley Hennig Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Shelley Hennig Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Shelley Hennig Body Stats

Height 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 56 Kgs
Age  36 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders  28 Inches

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Shelley Hennig Workout Routine

Shelley Hennig’s obsession with being in the pink of health is not unknown. She didn’t like to work out at the start of her career, but every time she has found simple ways to work that keep her engaged and that she can look forward to. In an interview, Shelley shared that following this approach to working out has been a game changer for her. 

So, most of her workout exercises are ones that she enjoys and this keeps her consistent and results in a goddess-like body.

Shelley Hennig Workout RoutineShelley Hennig Workout Routine

Shelley Hennig Workout Routine

Shelley Hennig Workout Routine includes:

Cardio Barre Workout

Cardio Barre is one of those game-changing exercises we were talking about. In an interview,  Shelley shared that her introduction to Cardio Barre was through her friend Molly Brunette, and her relationship with fitness has never been the same. 

Cardio Barre is a mix-up of cardio and ballet-based moves. It’s quite an intense workout that burns loads of calories and works on almost every major muscle group of your body, building up lean muscular strength and allowing you to have a flexible body that’s strong too. It works on your cardiovascular capacity as well, building up endurance and long-term heart health.

So, cardio-barre sessions are intense but have one of the most amazing benefits while trying to reach your body goals. If you are someone who likes the idea of combining ballet dancing and cardio, it can be a game changer for you too, like Shelley Hening.



Dancing is another exercise that Shelley loves. She seems to enjoy clubbing and also just dancing in her PJs. So, Dancing is one of her favorite things to do. It’s not like she does it intending to work out, but just because she loves a good dancing session.  

Dancing is one of the most simple, efficient, and enjoyable ways to keep your mental and physical health in check. It builds endurance, releases stress, helps with building deep consistent sleep patterns, and helps you maintain good mental health. 

So, Dancing is a complete exercise in itself and has tremendous health benefits for people of every age. And Shelley Hennig is all about enjoying her workouts, so that’s the way she keeps herself healthy and her body toned.



Swimming is another exercise that finds its place in Shelley Hennig Workout Routine. Her stressful days end with a good swimming session to calm down. 

Swimming is one of the common exercises among most celebrities. That’s because of its low-impact nature and efficient health benefits. Swimming calms your body down but also builds lean muscles, agility, and cardiovascular capacity and burns loads of calories. 

Shelley knows the tremendous health benefits of Swimming, so it’s one of those exercises that she regularly does. 


Other Exercises

Shelley also does lots of other exercises, like weight training, walking, and conventional bodyweight exercises. She likes to try out new workout exercises, like hiking and trekking. Her vacations too are filled with lots of adventure sports. Shelley Hennig Workout Routine is all about trying out new workout exercises and finding the exercises she likes the most.

That is all for Shelley Hennig Workout Routine.

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Shelley Hennig Diet Plan

Shelley Hennig is all about sustainable habits, in workouts as well as diet routines. She is not too strict about her eating habits. You can often find Shelley Hennig enjoying a slice of Pizza, a Donut, or a good drink. She knows the importance of balance for long-term health. 

Muscle Recovery and Development 

Shelley Hennig is nig on ensuring muscle recovery. For this, she eats a diet full of protein, and fiber-rich food. She eats a protein-dominant diet, with lots of Fish, Chicken and cottage cheese, Milk and Hummus. Massage is another way through which Shelley ensures intense muscle recovery. Massages improve blood flow, relax the muscles, and help with avoiding and healing muscle injury. So, Effective muscle recovery is one of Shelley Hennig’s priorities. So, her diet too is accordingly specific.

Shelley Hennig Diet PlanShelley Hennig Diet Plan

Shelley Hennig Diet Plan


Is Shelley Hennig Vegan?

No, Shelley Hennig is not Vegan.


Shelley Hennig Diet Plan includes:




  • Grilled Fish
  • Brown Rice
  • Salad



  • Soup
  • Chicken Breast
  • A small portion of dessert.

That is all for Shelley Hennig Diet Plan.

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