Serinda Swan Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Serinda Swan Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Serinda Swan and her spectacular career graph have been quite impressive.  Her recent role as Karla Dixon in the second season of ‘ Reacher ’ is quite appreciated as well.  Having worked in showbiz for a long time now, her body of work includes challenging projects like ‘ Breakout Kings ’, in which she played the role of Erica Reeds, and received critical acclaim. Besides being a great actress, who knows her craft, Serinda is also known for her stellar physique and impressive fitness levels. Even at the cusp of her 40s, the woman looks drop-dead gorgeous.

Many people are curious about what goes inside the making of that stellar body, and what her secret is to looking age-defyingly young. If you are one of them, we got you covered. In this post, we will deal with the workout routine and diet plan that Serinda Swan follows. We will also look into her approach to fitness.

Serinda Swan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Serinda Swan Diet Plan and Workout Routine

First here’s a look at Serinda Swan Body Stats-: 

Height 5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 62 Kgs
Age 39 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 32 Inches 

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Serinda Swan Workout Routine

Serinda has been physically active all through her life. She is a trained gymnast and has even gotten into active extreme sports. Serinda Swan is known to play physically challenging characters and performs stunt sequences. She likes training for her work, and isn’t afraid of fight sequences and weapon training, on the contrary, she loves it. The woman has performed her stunts herself and carries quite an adventurous persona.

Serinda Swan Workout RoutineSerinda Swan Workout Routine

Serinda Swan Workout Routine

Here’s a list of all the Exercises Serinda Swan does-: 

Combat Sports

Combat Sports exercises like Boxing and Weapon Training are some of her favorite ways to work. Serinda ikes to enjoy her workout sessions, and getting into intensive challenging exercises like boxing and weapon training is important to her.

Boxing regularly has been one of the common ways in which many celebrities get their daily dose of workout. Combat Sports has been known to have tremendous mental health benefits, along with impressive physical benefits. It’s known to build lean muscles, improve circulation, and cardiovascular health, and release stress. So, training in Combat Sports has been an important part of the Serinda Swan Workout Routine.



For Serinda, outdoor workouts are the best. She keeps her workout sessions either extremely challenging or outdoors. So, Hiking regularly is one of the many fitness routines she follows. Hiking is one of the most effective exercises for people wanting to lose weight, while not being in the gym. Hiking builds strong bones, which helps with anti-aging effects. Being in their 30s requires women to take extra care of their bone health, to be able to get through the years, without losing ease of mobility. Hiking is a great way to boost mental health too, and it’s good for long-term cardiovascular health as well. So, Hiking is an important part of the Serinda Swan Workout Routine.


Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding is quite common among people who love water sports. And Serinda Swan is one of them. Paddle Boarding involves us riding on waves Jii using a board, on which you can sit or stand.  Paddle Boarding is also one of Serinda’s favorite exercises. It’s a great way to get an extensive workout, without gym equipment. It builds a strong upper body, burns loads of calories, helps you manage stress, and gives you a better sense of balance.

So, Paddle Boarding too is a great way to get closer to the fitness levels of Serinda Swan.



Swimming regularly is almost a constant part of the Serinda Swan Workout Routine as well. Swimming is more of a relaxing activity to Serinda, after an intense long day. Swimming regularly is one of the secrets to Serinda Swan stellar physique at this age. Swimming regularly is known to have impressive anti-aging benefits. It also improves cardiovascular health and burns lots of calories. Thus Swimming can also help you in getting that Serinda Swan fit body.


Other Exercises

In an interview, when asked about her fitness regime, Serinda shared that it’s his trainer Jason Walsh, who keeps her challenged and mixes up different workout forms to get the best benefits from her time while working out. For Glutes, Serinda Swan recommends Kickbacks to get the most benefits in the least time. 

Since Serinda has been a trained Gymnast, Gymnastics is also something that she loves to do. 

That’s all for the Serinda Swan Workout Routine.

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Serinda Swan Diet Plan

As far as Diet is concerned, Serinda is quite careful about what goes inside her body. She is a vegetarian and loves her food. She loves eating and seems to be good with her eating habits. Avocado rolls are one of her favorite dishes. She seems to love Avocados. 

Pineapple Pizza, lots of Salads, and Sushi are a big part of the Serinda Swan Diet Plan. Serinda is a person who believes in enjoying life and taking it one day at a time. So, when it comes to food, she is not extremely restrictive or too prohibitive with her platter.

Serinda Swan Diet PlanSerinda Swan Diet Plan

Serinda Swan Diet Plan

Sleep & Nutrition

Getting enough sleep is one of the priorities for Serinda. So, she takes extra care of her sleep cycles along with getting enough nutrition. Sleep and adequate rest are extremely important, not just for getting results from workout routines, but also from diet plans. 

Serinda also consumed lots of plant protein sources like Milk, Chickpeas, Pea Protein, and soybean chunks. Avocado and Fruit salads were important for her as well.

Is Serinda Swan Vegan?

No, Serinda Swan is not vegan.

That’s all for the Serinda Swan Diet Plan.

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