Saturday Surfing, February 24, 2024!

Saturday Surfing, February 24, 2024!

Happy Caturday, my friend! I’m happy to report that our orange tree, which had fallen over and cracked earlier this week because of all the crazy storms we’ve been having lately, is finally in her new home.

I’m hoping that the spill didn’t cause her too much trauma and that she’ll make it! I do love the pot that El Hub and Connor picked out, though, so perhaps the tumble was a blessing in disguise. Perhaps it was time for her to get a fresh new look in a bigger space.

Speaking of fresh new looks, I went back to World Market earlier this week to look at the teal chairs again. My co-worker, who is great with home staging and decor, suggested going there and moving furniture around the chairs to get a better feel of what they could look like styled with other pieces, so I did just that!

Honestly, it was kind of fun! I really enjoyed the visual exercise of putting items together to see if I thought they worked.

She also reminded me that in order to see if something works in your space, you really just need to get it in there, play with it, and see how you feel about it.

I ended up bringing two chairs home, along with a rug and a side table. Mind you, this is not the permanent set up, and I still need to get quite a few items to complete the space.

I showed these pics to my co-worker and she said that I should trust my instincts because this is on the right path, which was a big relief. It’s weird, I feel like I can put an outfit together or a makeup look together visually quite easily, but with home decorating, I always get so overwhelmed, and then I can’t make a decision. It was nice to hear that I have decent design instincts from someone else who loves the stuff.

This week’s reading

Oh my gosh, WANT!

I’m low-key obsessed with cat grooming videos

Note to self



Can’t wait to play this on a warm evening

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday. Today is supposed to be clear and nearly 70 degrees, so I’m going outside to soak up some sunshine.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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