Saturday Surfing, February 17, 2024!

Saturday Surfing, February 17, 2024!

Where is Michael Cera?

Happy Saturday, friend. Guess what? I was at Target yesterday, and when I saw this display for CeraVe at an endcap, I half expected Michael Cera to pop out and hand me a bottle of lotion.

Seriously, who made this? It’s so wacky and I wish I was on the creative team that dreamt it up. I laughed so hard when I saw this commercial!

Anywho, while I was perusing the beauty section, I noticed a bunch of Bliss skincare significantly marked down on sale.

I had to stop in my tracks

Of course I grabbed a bottle of one of my favorite mineral sunscreens, Bliss Block Star. It’s usually around $24 but was on sale for about $12.

Super discounted!

If you happen to see it on shelves, grab one! It’s really good.

I’m on day two of a four day weekend. I spent my first day cleaning, believe it or not. I had the whole house to myself and instead of chilling out, I used the time to deep clean my floors. I have luxury plank vinyl all over the house, so I spent the day vacuuming, Swiffering and mopping. I’m going to buy some chairs and other bits and bobs of furniture soon, and I like the idea of a fresh start with clean floors!

Just in case you’re looking for a mop that’s easy to use, here’s the one I have by O-Cedar. I like that the removable microfiber mop head flips over and is machine washable.

The cleaning solution I use is a mix of warm water, vinegar and the teeniest drop of Dawn dish washing soap.

In a gallon-size bucket, I mix warm water, a cup of vinegar and one to two drops of Dawn. After vacuuming and running a dry Swiffer over the floors, I mop the floor and wipe down the baseboards with a microfiber cloth soaked in the solution. Then, after a bit of time passes, I take another fresh Swiffer to dry everything down.

It might be OTT, but my floors feel so clean afterwards.

I find that the more things I have in my cleaning arsenal, the easier it is to keep things tidy!

Anywho, before I jet, the original reason why I went to Target was to buy a round mirror, coat hooks and a thin floating shelf for my entryway. 🙂

OK, I’m off to grab a birthday present for a friend, and then I plan to do some high intensity relaxing. If you’re in Nor Cal, stay dry and safe in the rain.

Have a wonderful Saturday!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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