Saturday Surfing, December 23, 2023!

Saturday Surfing, December 23, 2023!

Happy holidays!

Good morning, sweet friend! You know what I realized yesterday? It’s kind of wild that during this time of year when you go into someone’s house, there’s a big ol’ tree in their living room. Any other time of year it would just be viewed as a little quirky, LOL! Anywho, the fam and I off to have lunch in the beautiful town of Sonoma with a dear friend (hi, Marisol) and then we might go ice skating. I think it’ll depend on how caffeinated I get beforehand. 😬

On that note, tis a short and sweet Saturday Surfing today.

Go science

Currently listening to this

I love a one and done shadow

Have a wonderful rest of your day. I hope things are great on your end!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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