Respect to QVC for Keeping the Reviews Real

I struggle lately to find honest reviews on Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, and other retailers. Not only am I convinced retailers delete bad reviews (I’ve experienced it personally when I wrote a review on Sephora but it never appeared) but I’m also frustrated and irritated by consumers who get free products in exchange for raving reviews. I’m amazed at the amount of reviews on a product that shows “coming soon” on Sephora’s website but has over 200 positive reviews of how great it is. Sure, I understand the product was sent to people in advance but all positive reviews!?

Amazon is probably one of my biggest letdowns when it comes to reviewing not only products but books. I enjoy quite a few self-published authors that upload to Amazon but it’s beyond frustrating when I’m eagerly awaiting a book release and it’s been reviewed dozens of times over by readers who got an advanced copy and every one of those reviews has five stars. I’ll get the buy the book, download it, and read it, and it’s not a five-star read. Is anyone honest lately? Also, has anyone purchased some dodad for their kitchen or bathroom and it comes from the Amazon seller with a little card offering to give you either the same item or another item to try in exchange for a review?

Another one of my major pet peeves lately (this one is only between us ok?) is perfume reviews. I follow a ton of perfume bloggers, influencers, and Tiktokers and adore them but I feel like Kayali has some sort of major influence on these people. The raving and carrying about any new Kayali perfume does my head in. Guys, come on, it’s not that good a fragrance, be honest. I’m also noticing a lot of indie brands that are heavily influencing some of my favorite perfume peeps. The raving and carrying on about Etsy and indie fragrance sellers is a little insane. These people hype stuff up to the max and I’m a fool who buys it and walks around confused as to why I’m not loving it as much as they do. Anyway, this is my opinion on the review front lately.

But let’s talk about QVC for a second…QVC you’re the real deal. We love an honest retailer. QVC isn’t over their deleting reviews, QVC is all, “Say what the hell you want! We’re here for it!” Seriously, the scathing and poor reviews I read on QVC are the real deal, the salt of the earth consumers who are NOT happy with their new moisturizer because it didn’t completely erase their wrinkles or aren’t pleased that the cream eyeshadows they purchased aren’t as creamy as promised. QVC isn’t monitoring the reviews! They feel confident knowing they are going to sell their warez even if grandma purchased a Santa sweater at 3 AM and it turned up looking like Frosty and she immediately had her grandson type out a bad review of her purchase. QVC is going to keep on QVCing poor reviews and all. I respect that QVC. Keep on letting your customers speak their mind and their peace. It helps people make valid and smart purchases. We stan an honest retailer and we respect them for not filtering out the bad reviews in place of the raving ones. Don’t believe me? Head onto any beauty item across QVC’s website and you’ll find dozens of really bad reviews that SHOW up first and foremost. Thanks, QVC for keeping things real.

How do you feel about all the raving lately? Does it influence you or turn you off? Which products are being raved that are real letdowns? Which are the ones that work out? Do share!

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