Phlur Strawberry Letter But Not With The 23

Phlur Strawberry Letter But Not With The 23

Phlur Strawberry Letter is a new fruity gourmand perfume that launched for Spring 24 white you guessed it, notes of strawberry! But I digress from this launch because now I have an ear worm and can’t get Strawberry Letter 23 out of my head. I keep repeating the lyrics. If you’ve never heard Yuna’s version of Strawberry Letter 23 do yourself a favor and listen to it. It’s captivating! As captivating as Phlur Strawberry Letter? We can hope!

Strawberry Letter is a fruity gourmand that contains a pulpy red strawberry note mixed with juicy plum nectar and fresh florals along with amber and tonka. I suspect the strawberry won’t be a focal point of the fragrance since it’s only in the top notes and the base is more about darker elements like woodsy notes and a sugared amber.

What are the notes of Phlur Strawberry Letter? The notes of Strawberry Letter are:

  • Top: Cassis Leaves, Strawberry Gariguette, Plum Nectar
  • Heart: Wild Lily, Red Poppy, Apple Blossom
  • Base: Earthy Woods, Tonka Bean, Sugared Amber

I wonder if strawberry is going to the next big viral note in the fragrance world. If so, I hope we get something sweet. Phlur’s blends are very complex and I don’t think strawberry is going to be a lasting note in this fragrance! I could be wrong but I think the base notes are going to play the more important roll when it dries down! But we’ll have to see and smell it for ourselves!

Phlur Strawberry Letter is available soon!

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