Pants Feeling Tight? 7 Top Weight Loss Tips To Lose Belly Fat

Have the buttons on your pants started practicing social distancing, and the weighing scale just confirmed your worst fears – unwanted weight gain in all the wrong spots? Now, if you are planning to drink copious amounts of green tea to melt away all that extra fat, then make no mistake, your belly fat won’t budge with green tea alone. In this article, we list 7 Top Weight Loss Tips To Lose Belly Fat.

pants getting tight top weight loss tips

1. Cut Down Sugar Intake:

Eliminating just white sugar from your life is not enough to melt away belly fat – you need to identify sources of added sugar and get rid of them as well. Once you cut down sugar in all forms for 15 days, along with regular exercise and dieting, you would be able to see significant weight loss. A lot of packaged and ultra-processed foods nowadays have loads of added sugar – tomato sauce, jam, sweetened beverages, fruit juices, cookies, candies, are just a few examples. Also, a diet with high amount of refined carbs shoot up blood sugar and trigger insulin release, and regular consumption of refined carbs may cause insulin resistance, which would lead to increase in waist circumference. So, cut down on refined sugar, added sugar, and refined carbs as well to lose belly fat.

2. Start on a Nutrient-Dense Weight Loss Diet:

It’s extremely important to follow a nutrient-dense diet with vitamins, protein, minerals, healthy fats, and also the right kind of carbs (complex carbs) to lead a healthy life. Even if your goal is to reduce excess fat, the body still requires nutrients from food and also optimum amount of calories to fuel the fat-burning process. Nutrients play a crucial role in supporting various metabolic functions and ensuring that the body has the energy and resources needed to efficiently burn fat. Also, make sure your diet has enough protein since it boosts metabolism, keeps one fuller for longer, builds and repairs muscles, and also has thermogenic properties. All of these factors add up and burn belly fat. Need high-protein, nutrient-rich meal plans to lose weight? Look no further – check out the Rati Beauty diet to lose weight successfully. Also read: “10 Kitchen Ingredients That Helps Burn Belly Fat.”

3. Exercise For at Least 40 Minutes 5 Days a Week:

Make exercise a priority and part of your lifestyle, and workout at least 4 to 5 days in a week for a minimum of 40 minutes. Also, do remember that just one hour of sweat session in the gym would not be enough to target belly fat. You need to be active throughout the day to keep the fat-burning process running. So, try to be on your feet as much as possible because that keeps the metabolism high as well.

4. Cut Down Transfat Content:

Fried foods, margarine, certain baked goodies, junk food contain transfat that not only shoot up calories, they build fat around the abdomen, and here’s the bummer, they move fat from other areas of the body to the belly area! In fact, World Health Organization has recommended elimination of trans-fatty acids from global food supply because of its potential side effects on overall health. So, read up the ingredients list of processed food to rule out the presence of transfat in them. Also read: “10 Mistakes you Are Making When Trying To Lose Lower Belly Fat.”

5. Sleep Like a Baby:

Not getting enough sleep is linked to gaining weight, especially around your belly. When you sleep only a few hours, you might feel much hungrier the next day, and studies suggest you could eat up to 300 extra calories. People who sleep only 4 hours a night tend to have 9% more belly fat than those who sleep a solid 9 hours. Things like stress, bad food choices close to bedtime, too much screen time, and staying up late watching movies can all mess with your sleep. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, it tends to store more fat around your waist. Lack of sleep is a big reason for belly fat buildup, so aim for at least 7 hours of sleep to keep your hormones in check and avoid extra fat storage around your belly.

6. Manage Stress:

Just like sleep deprivation, chronic stress is absolutely bad for weight loss, no matter what age you are in. In fact, by sleeping for less hours, stress hormone cortisol rises, which increases buildup of fat around the abdominal area. So, do find ways to manage stress, find a hobby, go for a run, listen to music, or spend time with family and friends to de-stress.

7. Fight Chronic Inflammation:

When your body has inflammation, it has trouble using insulin properly. This makes your pancreas produce more insulin to control blood sugar, but insulin also makes your body store fat, especially in the belly. So, inflammation leads to insulin problems, more insulin, and more fat stored in the belly. To reduce belly fat, here’s how you can decrease inflammation in your body.

Most importantly, you are probably not on the right kind of weight loss diet. Make no mistake, the right kind of diet will target both subcutaneous, visceral and belly fat. In fact, Rati Beauty diet helps you lose overall weight and reduce the circumference of the waist as well.

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