Pack Apples in Lunch Boxes: 4 Best Ways!

Inside: Your kids love apple slices, but not brown, mushy ones? Use these clever hacks to pack apples in lunch boxes that won’t look brown by lunchtime.

Four ways to pack apples in lunch boxes, including cinnamon-sugar, citrus juice, pineapple juice, and salt water.
Want to pack apple slices that are fresh, crisp, and white by lunchtime? You can!

Apples are a no-brainer for kids’ lunch boxes. They’re affordable, available everywhere, and kids love em.

Trouble is, some kids don’t like biting into a whole apple in their lunch–especially if they have new, sensitive front teeth (or braces!).

But many kids are turned off by sliced apples that have turned brown. And packaged, pre-sliced apples from the grocery store can taste a little funny.

So here are 4 different ways to pack cut apples in your child’s lunch box that don’t turn brown, so they’re fresh-looking and appealing at lunch time.

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