NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm Review & Swatches

NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm ($11) is a new vegan shiny lip balm available in 12 shade selections that released as part of NYX Cosmetics permanent like for Spring 2024. Yes, they do indeed look a lot like Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Balm and I was hopeful they’d be a dupe of that formula but they aren’t. The formula are a bit different so, no, I wouldn’t run around call these a dupe for Tarte’s formula! I’m noticing an uptick in lip stains for Spring 2024 with Covergirl re-releasing their Outlast Lipstain and Milani introducing a new Color Fetish Lip Stain. Personally, I’d like to see more shiny products like these Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balms! This is actually Milani’s second glossy formula released for the Spring 2024 as prior to this they introduced a new line of Duck Plump High Pigment Lipglosses that are quite similar in style to the recently released Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss!

NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm come packaged in a click style pen that allows you to click to swivel the color up. Keep in mind you should only click a few times to swivel up a little of the color as you can’t swivel down any unused product and it could be messy replacing the cap if you have a large amount clicked up. Just click a small amount of the product up and if you wish to use more you can easily click more up later on. Each pen is 0.07 oz in size and $11. If you’re comparing size and price to Tarte’s version those are $24 and 0.095 oz in size. There isn’t a ton of product in these and I can see myself going through shades quickly but NYX is on sale at a variety of retailers it will be easy enough to replace without having to splurge $11 dollars on one. Like right now for example, Ulta has $5 off $15 using promo code 405560 making it easy to grab two shades for $17 or $9 each. Not a huge savings but also, not too bad either plus there are always so many BOGO offers at the drugstore and/or Ulta. This is probably a little weird to rant about but I got three of the 12 shades and they sort of all look alike. If you like having the outer packaging as reference the shade that’s inside you might struggle a little since all three of my shades did look a lot alike particularly the shades Going Viral and No Filter Needed. It’s not a big deal but it is something that deserved a mention.

As I said above this isn’t a Tarte dupe. I think the Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balms stand on their own. I really enjoy the Tarte formula because it’s like a solid lipgloss of sorts. Plenty of intense shine and gorgeous color. The Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balms are more of a balmy consistency with less shine and plenty of color. These are a bit less melty than the Tarte formula and have more of a creamy balmy consistency that felt lightly moisturizing. All three of the shades I purchased had fantastic color pay off and had a nice bit of shine but nothing as intense as the Tarte ones (those look like a gloss on me which I love). They wear for a good four to five hours but aren’t transfer-proof but they do not migrate around my lip line. They have a very light fruity flavor and scent.

NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm (No Filter Needed, Going Viral, and Link In My Bio)

NYX Going Viral Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm

NYX Link In my Bio Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm

NYX No Filter Needed Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm

What’s interesting, and something I didn’t realize, is there are shimmer shades and cream finish ones in this launch. Tarte literally just introduced Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump Shimmer Glass to their Spring 2024 line up but NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balms actually already had the finish available in their line pre-Tarte’s launch. You can tell the finish differences by the packaging as the packaging of the shimmer shades has a barely noticeable, subtle shimmer on the barrel. I personally prefer the cream shades. I think they look nicer on me. But the shimmer one I did get wasn’t bad either! It had a subtle hint of sparkle but nothing too over the top and it wasn’t gritty nor did it leave shimmer behind when the color wore off.

NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm are a very nice addition to the NYX Cosmetics family. I really enjoyed these! I wish they were a LITTLE bit more glossier the way the Tarte ones are but all in all I’d say they are a very lovely, creamy balm consistency that delivered on a nice hint of shine, pigment, and moisture. I wasn’t a fan of the NYX Fat Oil Lip Drip Lip Oil so I wasn’t sure how I’d fill about these balms but they are quite lovely and worth a pick up!

NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm are available now.

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NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm are a new hybrid lip balm slash creamy lip color available in 14 shades for $11 each. This product comes housed in a slim barrel with a button to “click” color up. Each barrel holds 0.07 oz of color. The formula is available in two finishes one a cream and one a shimmer.


  • Lightweight, creamy balm consistency that’s comfortable to wear.
  • Pigmented.
  • Easy to use packaging.
  • Long-wearing for a balm.


  • Lightly scented and flavored may be an issue for sensitive users.
  • Smallish for the size (0.07 oz at $11).


NYX Fat Oil Slick Click Lip Balm will be a love for anyone who adores shine, color, and moisture.

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