Not Me Seriously Considering the Rhode Skin Iphone Lip Case

Not Me Seriously Considering the Rhode Skin Iphone Lip Case

The Rhode Skin Lip Case is a new iPhone case that not only protects your phone but also, holds your favorite Rhode Skin Peptide Lip Treatment or Tint. Yup, it’s an iPhone case that holds a lipgloss! I have a feeling Temu is going to be on this very shortly! We’re about to see a major dump on Amazon of iPhone Cases that have a place to hold your lipgloss!

For now, the Rhode Skin Lip Case only holds their Lip Treatment or Tint. It’s compatible iPhone 14, 15 Pro, or Pro Max. You’ll have to shell out $35 if you want to be as trendy as Haily but act fast as it launches on the 27th and will likely sell out as quickly as her new Lip Tints and Lip Treatments do! I managed to grab The Rhode Kit several months ago when it was damn near impossible to get and in it was one of the Lip Treatments and both the skincare and the Lip Treatments really do live into the hype! The formula is super.

And yes, I’ll admit the idea of keeping your gloss all handy and tucked into the back of your phone is an ultra cute idea! I can see myself buying this!

Rhode Skin Iphone Lip Case will be available on February 27th.

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