NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan And Workout Routine

NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan And Workout Routine

NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Nmixx and every member of this girl group are ruling the hearts of every K-pop fan. This girl group is all about perfection and spectacular chemistry on stage. Every member of the girl group is all about fitness and looking drop-dead gorgeous in every frame. 

But one member of NMIXX who has been successful in getting the most amount of attention, for all reasons, is Kim Ji Woo, better known as Jiwoo. She is a girl of 18 years of age and has been the center of all conversations surrounding this girl group for quite some time now. Recently she has been praised for her spectacular body as well, having been criticized a while back, the teenage talent has worked quite hard in her fitness game. 

If you are curious about her lifestyle as well, just as we were, you landed up at just the right place. In this post, we will dive deep into the workout routine and diet plan of NMIXX Jiwoo, which gave her a good body, and a better dancing skill on stage that caught everybody’s attention.

NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan and Workout Routine

First, Here’s a look at NMIXX Ji Woo Body Stats-:

Height 5 Feet 4 Inches
Weight 56 Kgs
Age 18 Years
Waist 24 Inches 
Shoulders 26 Inches

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NMIXX Jiwoo Workout Routine

Jiwoo is a product of JYP entertainment, and as such she has a good experience of going through rigorous workout regimes. She is tough when it comes to her workout routines and is definitely reaping the benefits of these schedules. She is a singer as well and is required to perform while dancing, which requires a lot of training. This training itself is a huge calorie burner for all NMIXX members. 

Besides these, Jiwoo is also interested in going through other workout routines as well. Here’s a look at all the exercises Jiwoo Does-:


Every K-pop idol is required to be extremely proficient at dancing and performing intensive moves with relative ease. So, Dancing forms a big part of their respective routines, be it while training, while being in the spotlight, or during tours. While training, members are made to dance for as much as four hours per day, which in itself is a big task besides focusing on perfecting those moves through solo practice. So, Dancing is a big part of the Jiwoo Workout Routine as well, and it has been so for quite a long time now. And She is definitely reaping the benefits of dancing with a spectacular body and a beautiful stage presence. 

Dancing is known to promote overall well-being, along with improving cardiovascular health and a lot of other benefits. Dancing is also a great way to lose weight and for her recent transformation, Jiwoo seems to have definitely gone through rigorous dance sessions to build the perfect body that she possesses. 

NMIXX Jiwoo Workout RoutineNMIXX Jiwoo Workout Routine

NMIXX Jiwoo Workout Routine


With a social media following of several thousand, Jiwoo is a sight to behold. But she is not a woman who is a freak about working out, though she likes to keep herself fit. Her workout routines are also exercises that she enjoys. And being outdoors is something that Jiwoo seems to enjoy. Her recent social media posts are full of her hiking adventures around picturesque scenes. 

Hiking is one activity that she really enjoys. Hiking has been one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities for A-list celebrities. It builds muscular strength, gives cardiovascular fitness, and promotes bone health in the long run. For people in their teenage years, it’s also known to help you with building strength and promote good overall health of all vital organs. Hiking is also a great exercise for keeping your hormonal health in check. 


Weight and Functional Training

Weight Training is one of the most crucial ways to build a lean athletic physique. It must be complemented by adequate cardio training. And Jiwoo is quite aware of the importance of this routine. She follows a gym training routine that consists of all major conventional exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, plank, squats, lunges, Russian twists, Rowing, and Treadmill sessions. This training is also followed by simple bodyweight training exercises, on days when getting into the gym is not viable. So, Jiwoo follows a good routine that consists of all exercises that Target major muscle groups in the body. Sometimes, Jiwoo also does Pilates training and her recent weight loss journey that has brought good toning is a result of intensive Pilates sessions as well. 

That’s all for the NMIXX Jiwoo Workout Routine.

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NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan

Jiwoo is not a bore when it comes to diet as well. She is young and healthy. And as such she enjoys food. She loves going out with her friends and likes to keep up with her life. Jiwoo loves to eat cheesecakes and Pizzas. She also likes her drinks and iced tea seems to be her favorite. She also loves a good shot of coffee. 

Portion Control

Jiwoo loves good food. Adequate portion control is her way of dealing with all the bad effects of good food. She seems to believe in eating your favorite food but in moderation to help with cravings while also being conscious of its after-effects. So, Portion control is the most effective way for her to get the desired results. Portion control and Mindfulness are the most efficient weapons for people trying to lose weight or maintain a certain weight on the scale. 

Portion control restricts calories and helps you maintain your commitment while not putting you into excessively restrictive diets. So, Portion Control along with adequate nutrition like enough protein and carbs are the basis of the Jiwoo Diet plan.

NMIXX Jiwoo Diet PlanNMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan

NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan

Besides, she is quite young and carries a good metabolism, which definitely helps. 

Is NMIXX Jiwoo vegan?

No, NMIXX Jiwoo is not vegan.

That’s all for the NMIXX Jiwoo Diet Plan.

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