My Next Skincare Purchase Will Be….

My Next Skincare Purchase Will Be….

I can’t say I’m not easily influenced by colorful ads. I was on Reddit last week and Pat Mcgrath and Charlotte Tilbury being so sparkly and gorgeous in ads was mentioned and how they weren’t quite as beautiful as the ads and I couldn’t agree more. I am always, always suckered into a Pat Mcgrath or a CT purchase because of the ads. I think Charlotte Tilbury Pinkgasm Sunset Beauty Light Wand is a perfect example of excellent marketing. I could not run fast enough to purchase it but I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t as pink as in pictures and more coppery! And the thing is I never learn my lesson! Like a true masochist, I can be burned a million times with these two brands and I still go back for more of the same pain.

Anyway, since I’m easily influenced as I mentioned above and I now have a new skincare product I’m obsessing over and trying to avoid picking up because I have a feeling the ads are better than the actual product. But I’ll cave!

I’m seeing ads for Tula H₂Oasis Instant Skin Reviving Mask all over my Instagram feed and as a girl with thirsty skin the ads are really influencing me to purchase this. Has anyone tried it? I need honest opinions. When they throw around buzz words like plump, revive dullness, and rehydrate I get pretty excited. It contains aloe, ceramides, and Hyaluronic Acid but relies on extracts from desert plants to hydrate and smooth. It’s an apply and tissue off mask but you can use it as the last step of our routine before bed and allow it to sink in overnight.

Do I need it? Probably not considering I go so far for Experiment Super Saturated Barrier Support Concentrate which gets the job done brilliantly well. But you know how it is….We’re all just out here looking for the next most awesome skincare product.

Has anyone tried or is currently using and loving Tula H₂Oasis Instant Skin Reviving Mask. Gimme a heads up I need to know more!

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