Mini Pilates Flow Core Finisher

Mini Pilates Flow Core Finisher

Mini Pilates Flow Core Finisher (15 Min Class) - This quick core workout focuses on obliques. Perfect if you're short on time or to add on as a workout finisher. #coreworkout #pilatescore #workoutvideo

This mini Pilates flow core finisher is great if you’re short on time or are looking for a bit of core work to round out a longer workout. Focus is on obliques.

This is a short version of the Mini Flows classes I’ve shared in the past:

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Mini Pilates Flow Core Finisher

In this class, we start with a quick warm up that moves right onto our mini flows workout. The best way to describe this structure is to picture a Pilates mat class. We essentially take a small sequence out of that class and turn it into a circuit.

The mini flow is a short sequence (2:45 minutes long). You’ll do it twice on the right then twice on the left. You rest for 15 seconds in between completed sequences and 30 seconds between sides.

Always listen to your body, modifying or stopping as needed. We finish class with a (very quick) guided cool down.

Workout Breakdown

(0:58) Preview of Exercises

(01:44) Warm Up

(04:14) Mini Flows Workout

  • (15 sec) Side lying leg lifts (start with hand down)
  • (30) Continue side lying leg lifts but with top arm reaching up
  • (45) Leg & torso lift
  • (45) Side lying to boat
  • (30) Side v up

(16:56) Cool Down & Stretch

If you like this Pilates flow core finisher, all my other core workouts from the archives can be found on this page.

xo Nicole

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