Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss Is Already Awesome So Stop Showing It On Influencers with Lip Fillers

Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss Is Already Awesome So Stop Showing It On Influencers with Lip Fillers

Have you tried the new Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss? Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss launched a little less than two months ago and I really thought it would be a lot more popular than it is. I just thought I’d see reviews for it everywhere but I haven’t quite noticed that across social media. Or perhaps I missed it considering how often the algorithm changes across these platforms I’m lucky to see anything I really want to see anyway! This formula is a retake on the popular Maybelline Lifter Gloss with a new plumping formula! I did question if we needed a new formula just because Lifter Gloss is brilliant already! It gives lips that fuller look, with a lovely bit of color, and plenty of shine. But I tried Maybelline Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss and was like ok, you got something awesome here. Not everyone is going to love the formula as it does have a little bite to it but I will say Maybelline nailed it. It does give your lips a fuller, plumped-up look!

That’s why I hate the fact that they have this great formula already but decided to promote Lifter Plump Lip Plumping Gloss using influencers that already have lip fillers. Guys, come on!

You have nothing to prove. The formula works! It’s great! Why are you reposting videos of influencers with already huge lips to endorse this product? I’m not alone in thinking this. If you scroll through the comments a lot of people feel the same way! Show it on someone with natural lips! The product works guys! It really does create fuller looking lips. You have absolutely nothing to prove.

I try to understand marketing but sometimes I just don’t get it. It’s such a shame they can’t use someone with more natural features. I should disclose I am not hating on anyone for having fillers. It’s your face, you do whatever the hell you want with it. Botox, fillers, whatever, it’s entirely up to you. I’m just hating on the fact that Maybelline is trying to make the product look better and the irony is they don’t even have to do that much work because as I said, the PRODUCT WORKS!

So, yeah, this is my rant on a somewhat false advertisement of a product. I wish brands would get a clue. We don’t want to see the product on someone with already full lips (especially someone that has fillers). We do want to see it on someone with thinner lips, and no fillers. We want to see how it works. And when it works already, there’s no reason to amp it up.

It works, Maybelline. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. /End Rant.

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