Liza Soberano Diet Plan And Workout Routine

Liza Soberano Diet Plan and Workout Routine: The mysterious plotline of ‘ Lisa Frankenstein ‘ scheduled to release this Valentine’s Day is all set to pull the eyeballs. Directed by Zelda Williams, this movie marks the debut of Philippine star Liza Soberano in Hollywood with her character Taffy, who is the younger sister of Lisa Frankenstein, played by Kathryn Newton.

Liza Soberano has been quite popular in the social media space for some time now. She has been in the limelight, but her Hollywood debut marks a big success, as she is deemed to be a promising young actor. Liza Soberano is known to be on the list of the Top 100 most beautiful faces in the year 2017. Since then she has been admired for her beauty as well.

And so people are curious to know about the secret to Liza Soberano’s perfect physique and well-chiseled face. If you too are interested in knowing about her workout routine and diet plan, we are here to put to rest all your queries. In this post, we will look into what’s the secret to Liza Soberano fit body and mine out some tips for our readers.

Liza Soberano Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Liza Soberano Diet Plan and Workout Routine

First, here’s a look at Liza Soberano Body Stats-:

Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 53 Kgs
Age 26 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 28 Inches

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Liza Soberano Workout Routine

Liza Soberano has been quite fit all her life. Her recent debut in Hollywood is just another day for the Filipino actress, who has had massive hits back home. She has always been a disciplined person with well-defined and well-followed fitness routines in her lifestyle. Liza carries a naturally lean body and hat has a good level of functionality and flexibility alongside lean muscular strength.

Here’s a look at all the exercises Liza Soberano Does-:.

Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a consistent part of Liza Soberano workout routine. Circuit Training has been quite popular in the fitness space for a long time, given its long-term effects on overall health. It’s known to improve muscle endurance, and heart health and effectively aid weight loss. For Liza Soberano, this circuit training usually entails exercises like step-ups, chin-ups, Jumping Jacks, Shoulder presses, Dumbbell flies, Bodyweight Squats, Push-ups, and Lunges. 

Circuit training works up your entire body in relatively less time and this makes circuit training an important exercise for people who are interested in getting the most benefits in less time. Liza Soberano has a hectic lifestyle, and a well-curated Circuit Training routine is her savior. 

Liza Soberano Workout RoutineLiza Soberano Workout Routine

Liza Soberano Workout Routine

Weight Training

Weight Training is another staple part of Liza Soberano workout routine. Liza carries a lean and toned body which gives her a breathtaking look. And regular weight training has a big role to play in this. Weighted Squats, Lunges, Overhead presses, Bicep Curls, Deadlifts abs, and Barbell Rows are some of the most commonly performed exercises in the Liza Soberano Workout Routine. She focuses on proper form abs and adequate muscle-mind connection to get the most benefits out of her gym sessions. 

Weighted Planks, Russian Twists, and Crunches are other exercises that she regularly does to maintain a good midriff. Weight Training is one of the most important parts of Liza Soberano Workout Routine and she takes good care to continuously challenge herself by increasing her weight. She especially concerns herself with ensuring progressive overload to get the most efficient results.


Mixed Martial Arts 

While preparing for her role as ‘ Darna ‘, the actress went through an intense training phase to perform her stunts. Though the actress could not be in the project due to medical reasons, she did take some good fitness tips from the preparation stage of that movie.

She went through regular Martial Arts training sessions and she picked up the interest in martial arts. Since then seemingly the actress has been into the martial arts sphere, regularly practicing and bettering herself. 

Mixed Martial Arts training is an undefinable experience in itself, the way it molds your body, and increases your strength and confidence is magical. Mixed Martial Arts training is also known to improve brain function, hormonal health, and metabolism which in turn lead to much better overall functioning of the body.


Other Exercises

Beyond and above these exercises, Liza Soberano is quite an enthusiastic Walker. She loves her strolls around the city and it has a calming effect on her. She seems to also like adventure sports and hiking. Hiking is something you can see quite often in her social media posts. Altogether, the actress takes great care of herself and puts in the effort to get that enviable physique.

That’s all for Liza Soberano Workout Routine.

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Liza Soberano Diet Plan

Liza is quite conscious of her diet routines too. She keeps her palate clean and makes an effort to always eat clean. In an interview, the actress revealed she avoids oily food as much as possible to prevent acne breakouts. But avoiding oily and processed food isn’t just about acne, it’s also effective in getting you the results of your workouts.  

Liza isn’t much of a fan of dieting and she doesn’t follow a particular diet routine. Rather she keeps a balance by eating mostly healthy foodstuff and not getting obsessive over diets and calories. Her favorite foods include oatmeal and tuna fish, Fruits, and lots of salad, and fibrous foods like Avocados, Broccoli, and Chia Seeds.

Liza Soberano Diet PlanLiza Soberano Diet Plan

Liza Soberano Diet Plan

Cheat Days

Contrary to what one expects, Liza Soberano is a big believer in the effectiveness of cheat days. She loves her chest days and this has several benefits for your long-term health. Cheat Days are known to improve commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Getting a cheat meal every other week is known to improve metabolism and boost your metabolism. Cheat days also help you with getting enough nutrition, which you might miss on a very low-calorie diet. 

Is Liza Soberano Vegan?

No, Liza Soberano is not vegan.

That is all for Liza Soberano Diet Plan.

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