Laneige Cotton Candy Lip Sleeping Mask for Spring 2024

The new Laneige Cotton Candy Lip Sleeping Mask is about to drop for Spring 2024 and I haven’t been this excited about a new flavor since Pink Lemonade Swirl (which was really yummy). Well, ok, Caramel Apple was also, pretty darn exciting!

Laneige took to Instagram yesterday to sneak peek their newest flavor but it was an epic fail because everyone instantly guessed what it was. I mean, they had a cotton candy machine and a girl making cotton candy! Captain Obvious right? But hey, it’s still exciting to have confirmation of a new Cotton Candy Lip Sleeping Mask flavor. Like clockwork Laneige always comes through with the delicious seasonal Lip Sleeping Masks.

I really think they excel at the fruity, candy flavors in particular. Pink Lemonade Swirl was such a win for me so I have really high hopes for Cotton Candy. The new Laneige Cotton Candy Lip Sleep Mask will be available on the Sephora app on January 22nd and launches at on 23rd and also, at and the same time.

Will you be indulging in Laneige Cotton Candy Lip Sleeping Mask?

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