Kosas BB Burst Tinted Gel Cream Is Going to Be a Must Have For Me

I’d lying if I said I don’t want Kosas BB Tinted Gel Cream! Kosas BB Tinted Gel Cream is a new skin tint that also, acts as a skincare which contains copper peptides. What are copper peptides and why are copper peptides good to have in your skincare? Copper peptides have the ability to penetrate beneath the epidermis and apparently have to potential to build collagen and elastin. Do you need it in a skin tint? Mmm I imagine it can’t hurt but that really isn’t why I’m excited about the new Kosas BB Tinted Gel Cream!

I’m just a light foundation kind of girl and this sounds like a great formula for someone like me that wants to even out my skin tone, easy dullness, and just brighten but not necessarily cover. I already have good skin and just need a little boost for it to look extra good and tints like this are perfect for that because they are lightweight, provide natural coverage, and aren’t super pigmented. Granted I haven’t tried this new Kosas one but that’s what I’m hoping to see from it!

Available in 24 shades this “clean” gel cream provides a hint of lightweight tint with a natural finish that’s hydrating. It contains copper peptides to support collagen, Saccharide Isomerate and Sodium PCA that act to smooth, hydrate, and support your skin carrier and even some zinc to sooth redness!

So, is BB Burst Tinted Gel Cream a bb cream, a tinted moisturizer, or a foundation? It’s definitely not a BB Cream as it does lack the coverage of one but Kosas say it leans towards being more of a tinted moisturizer with light, natural coverage that gets you some great skincare benefits as it perfects skin!

The warm weather will upon us soon and this sounds like great lightweight coverage for a natural, fresh look!

Kosas BB Burst Tinted Gel Cream is $38 and will be available soon! Will you try it?

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