I Obsessively Check This One Fragrance House Daily To See If They Dropped Anything New

Someone asked me last week what my favorite vanilla perfume is after I posted about Snif Vanilla Vice and without hesitation I immediately knew my answer. I bet some of you who have been here a while thought I’d answer either Stila Cream Bouquet or Lush Vanillary. You’d be right if you guessed either as favorites of mine but neither was the reply I gave the person who asked.

I replied Maison Mataha Escapade Gourmande. This fragrance has been around since 2020 but I only discovered it last year and since that time I’ve become obsessed with this house releasing another scent that I obsessively check their website daily to see if anything new has dropped. This is thee best vanilla in the world. It’s white cake vanilla, whipped cream vanilla, a bit of brown sugar, it’s everything you want in a gourmand vanilla. Perfection. Chef’s kiss! The perfect true vanilla gourmand. And it’s reasonably priced for a niche brand at $215 (it used to be $200 which was really a sweet spot for a niche brand in my opinion!). Yes, that’s a lot of $$ to drop on a fragrance in this economy but if you’re a niche gourmand lover and able to purchase this I can’t recommend it enough.

My only problem is it’s been nearly four years since it launched and the brand hasn’t brought anything else out. I year for something new and incredible from them. Is Escapade Gourmande their bright, shining, and only star? If so, I can understand that as how can you top something that’s already perfect? Maybe you can’t and I just need to stop checking up on Maison Mataha and just love the only child that is Escapade Gourmande.

But I’ll still sit, hope, and prayer they do something new and equally as amazing in the future. Have you smelled Escapade Gourmande? Do share!

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