How To Eat Pizza & Still Have Abs

A Quick Note on Food Cheats

But first I have to say, people ask me all the time for healthy cheats and I hate calling them that! When you think about the way you’re eating as “cheating” you’re kinda setting yourself up for a weird relationship with food. Plus, if you feel like you’re only going to get a single cheat meal or day once in a blue moon, you getsupertempted to go overboard and just overindulge because you feel like you’ll never get to eat these foods again. And then you get stressed about it. Anyone else been there?

Instead, I think of cheats as treats. And if I want a treat, I have one!! I just keep it in moderation and make sure I’m balancing it with some extra workout time and more healthy eating surrounding it.

That said, I toootally get that sometimes you need some healthy cheats for when you’re out with friends and everyone wants to eat at some crazy restaurant but you’re trying to stick to your food goals. There’s food temptation everywhere, amiright??

Healthy Cheats For When You’re Going Out.

So I’m gonna give you some healthy cheats. But if you think of these more as healthy hacks to help you give your body the right things. I think you’ll feel so much better about the way you’re eating overall.

If you’re out with friends, having a girls night, or on a date and want to stick with your healthy habits – these are the tips and tricks I live by:

Go prepared. I usually eat at home before I go out, even if I’m going to a dinner. I know that sounds nuts but it’s sooo easy to make bad food choices when you’re starving. If you don’t want to eat beforehand or you just don’t have the time, stash a healthy snack with you so you can have a backup if the options while you’re out are bad. A bag of mixed nuts is a super easy snack to keep on you.

Watch out for sugar! Seriously, you guys, it is everyyywhere. Did you know that a standard mocha from Starbucks has over 30 grams of sugar in it?? And even random foods that you wouldn’t think about normally — like salad dressings and pasta sauces — can have a ton of sugar. When browsing the menu, make sure you know all the ingredients that are used before you order your meal. For example, if you want to order a salad – stick to a balsamic and or olive oil dressing so you know what you’re putting on those greens. The LSF Sugar Detox Guide is the best resource for learning how to stop these kinds of cravings and how to substitute equally tasty and healthy foods.

Keep it simple.As a general rule, it’s good to know what’s going to be in your food. The more plant-based and simply prepared the meal is, the better off you are.

Explore the menu.You don’t have to order from the entree section. Don’t be afraid to customize your meal or ask questions about the food dishes. A lot of restaurants have some pretty amazing veggie-based sides. Pair that with a soup or that grilled chicken breast and you’ve got a fab dinner that will leave you feeling great!

Eat slower.Eat slowly when you eat out. Seriously babes, it’s amazing how quickly we can scarf down a meal without even realizing. So, put your fork down often. Pause and engage in the conversation for a few minutes before you start eating again. Restaurant portions can behugeand unless you eat slowly, your body doesn’t have a chance to tell you it’s too much until it’s too late.

Don’t drink your calories.It’s honestly crazy how many calories and how much sugar a majority of cocktails contain. Don’t ruin your #goal with what you’re sipping! Stick to clear liquids and spirits. Some lime and lemon or a dash of bitters can dress up your drink so you can enjoy it without a ton of hidden calories!

Just remember babes, making smart and mindful meal choices comes with practice. So, when you’re eating out, remember these healthy hacks and know that you always have a choice in what you are putting into your body. I mean, honestly, guys, Ryan and I ate fast food for a full day and it was a little tricky, but we totally did it while still eating healthy! And I know you can too!

If you needed a little more help, checkout my tips to help you shed pounds in a healthy, lasting way!

Healthy Hack Pizza Recipe

Want a night in? Invite all your girls over for a very delicious and super healthy pizza! You work hard all week and deserve to have some fun! So watch this video on how I keep my abs while still enjoying a pizza. See how I did it and try it yourself with the recipe below.

What healthy hacks do you use? Let me know in the comments because I’ve been traveling a ton and would love more ways to eat healthy while I’m on the road and traveling abroad!

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