How to Apply Eyeshadow (By the Numbers)

How to Apply Eyeshadow (By the Numbers)

Stunning eyes as easy as 1-2-3…

We’ve all done it — you make the decision to buy a beautiful new eye shadow palette, you open it, admiring its fresh appearance, and then panic sets in. How do you use it? And with what? What does each shade do??

Before we jump into how to apply eyeshadow, let’s start at the very beginning — what is eye shadow? Simply put, eye shadow accentuates, enhances, or highlights the eye area, creating shade and depth, depending on what colors are used.

Light colors highlight, bringing areas forward. They’re a great option to apply to the inner corner of the eye and brow bone. Such as PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles Bone, French Vanilla or Oyster

Medium colors help to define the shape of the eye and bridge the gap between dark and light shades when blending. PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles Sienna or Supernova

Dark colors create depth and help to contour the eye shape in addition to adding intensity. Most often, a dark shade will be applied to the lash line, outer corner, and/or or crease. Like PurePressed Eye Shadow Singles Jewel or Dark Suede

With our NEW PurePressed Eye Shadows, there are many rich, vibrant options from which to choose. Allow us to help you “paint by numbers” with some of our collection.

how to apply eyeshadow

1. Lid
The mobile part of our eyelid. Your medium or main shadow colors are used here.
4. Upper Lash Line
The area above the eyelid where the lashes begin. Dark colors may be used in place of liner.

2. Crease
The place where the eye naturally folds. Darker colors will give contour to the eye shape.

5. Outer Corner
The outer corner of the eye. Dark colors will add dimension and create a deepening effect.
3. Brow Bone
The area directly beneath the brow. Light colors will attract light and help with overall blending.
6. Inner Corner
The inner corner of the eye.

Eye Shadow Looks

Everyday look, featuring Sweet Spot Triple

  1. Start by applying matte peach all over the lid to the brow bone to prime and as a base (we recommend using the Deluxe Shader Brush)
  2. Next, use the Chisel Shader Brush to apply matte off white on the lid, focusing on the center
  3. Using the Eye Contour Brush, apply matte warm brown into the crease of the eye, blending out. For additional definition, use the Smudge Brush to apply the same shade to the lower lash line

jane iredale sweet spot

Storm Chaser Smokey Eye, featuring NEW Storm Chaser palette

  1. Place Calm, a shimmery soft pink all over the socket with the Camouflage brush
  2. Using the Eye Contour Brush, apply Hurricane, a matte black, into the crease, blending well with the same brush, or a clean Crease Brush
  3. Blend Rumble (matte taupe) into the brow bone with the Deluxe Shader Brush, softening any harsh edges from Hurricane
  4. To bring extra light and attention to the eyes, dot the shimmery platinum Rain in the inner corner with Smudge Brush

LIGHTNING – shimmery silver

RUMBLE – matte taupe

CALM – shimmery soft pink

THUNDER – matte grey plum

RAIN – shimmery platinum

HURRICANE – matte black

jane iredale storm chaser

Naturally Glam Day look, featuring Naturally Glam Palette

  1. Press the shimmery cream Feather into the lid, up to the brow bone using the Camouflage Brush for intense color payoff.
  2. Blend Tulle and Satin(shimmery gold + shimmery rose) into the crease, to create depth and dimension, using Crease Brush
  3. Apply Velvet (shimmery chocolate brown) to the outer corner in a V-shape, blending softly with smudge brush

FEATHER – shimmery cream neutral

LACE – shimmery copper gold

NEW TULLE – shimmery antique gold

SATIN – shimmery rose quartz

VELVET – shimmery chocolate brown

NEW SEQUIN – shimmery plum brown

jane iredale naturally glam

What brush goes with what?

Additional Application Tips:

  • How to blend eyeshadow: use a clean, fluffy brush to soften any harsh edges or transition colors. Use light pressure so your shadow stays crisp and not “muddy.”
  • If you’re new to applying eyeshadow, consider applying a medium shade as your base tone to transition between colors more easily, using a lighter shade to highlight the brow bone, or inner corner of the eye
  • PurePressed Eye Shadows can be used wet or dry!

    • Amp up your look by spritzing the Eye Liner Brush with a Hydration Spray and line your upper lid with a dark shade
    • For a foiled effect, spray the Chisel Shader Brush with a Hydration Spray and dip into a metallic shade for a glamorous look

jane iredale purepressed eyeshadow

Once you know the basic formula and have your favorite light, medium, and dark shades selected, you can recreate it across palettes and colors! We can’t wait for you to experience our new PurePressed Eye Shadows. Clean color never looked this good.

Make sure to check out our guide on choosing the best eyeshadow for your eye color!

And to try out the jane iredale Signature Eye, follow our step-by-step natural eye makeup tutorial

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