Here’s What Beauty and Makeup Trends Should Be In for 2024 and What Should Be Out

Do you have a list of Beauty and Makeup that’s in for 2024? How about the Makeup and Beauty that’s out for 2024? I saw a few Tikokers doing a Beauty in and out for the new year and I thought the idea was quite clever.

Here’s my list! Feel free to make your own!

Beauty Outs

Anything that claims to reduce or shrink the appearance of pores.
I don’t have visible pores. It’s not something I struggle with but I do oddly become enraged with skincare products that claim to reduce pores. You can’t shrink pores. It’s impossible. Pore size is just part of your genetic makeup and shrinking them is impossible. You can use makeup to blur their appearance or even fill them but no skincare you buy is a permanent solution to completely eliminating pores sadly. Out with bogus skincare claims! More honesty please in 2024!

Long-Wearing Matte Lipsticks
I’m over it. I’ve been over it before the trend even started back in the early YouTube days. It’s a trend that just needs to be over and thankfully, it somewhat is as I’ve been seeing more and more shiny lip looks.

Over the Top, Glamour Makeup
I’m either getting older or the pandemic just made me reevaluate how I apply makeup. I prefer more natural looks lately. Blush, lighter eyeshadow, long lashes, and done. I feel like super bold, false glamourous lashes, and 20 eyeshadows in one look is overkill for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love some color from time to time but I think that super glam looks from the old youTube eras are a done deal. No hate for anyone who loves looks like this but I don’t think it fits into 2024 and it feels a little dated. If you don’t already follow alissajanay on Instagram. For me, she’s the end all of what makeup should be in 2024. Simple, natural, sometimes fun with pops of color, yet still very elegant and not overly done.

Out with Highlighters that Can Be Seen from the Moon
There needs to be a ban on over-highlighting your face. No one needs that much highlighter in real life. Out with the overly done highlighter and in with a more natural glow or radiance you can get from your blush versus a powdery highlighter.

Beauty Ins

Buy Less
I have a very guilty pleasure of watching weird haul videos on Tiktok. And I don’t necessarily mean beauty ones but I love watching these Tiktokers who go to Home Goods, Marshalls, and TJMaxx, and film themselves overindulging in everything and anything. It’s so oddly satisfying to watch. They’ll go on the hunt for particular items and buy every single color of the item. For example, there’ll be some sort of Juicy Couture Purse that goes viral and it’ll come in say five shades and these people go out and haul every single shade. Or a Hello Kitty Mug that’s available in a few designs and they’ll go from store to store to locate every single style. They build their whole identity by having drawers and drawers of matching items for each purse they own and do videos showing themselves packing up their purse for the day with different color themes. If the bag is pink they’ll have a pink anti-bac, pink wallet, pink coin purse, pink band-aids, everything is pink…I love it. But even I can admit it’s consumerism and overconsumption at its finest. I think trying hard to enjoy your collection of items like clothing, purses, and of course, beauty is a good resolution for 2024. It’s ironic to say considering I run a beauty blog that does endorse “new fresh items” and as much as we all love those new items (myself included) it’s a good idea to resolve to just think before we jump on the next big beauty thing. Do we have something like it already? Will it benefit us to purchase it? Will we use it?  Ask yourself questions before jumping into a new purchase and it may just sway your decision to indulge. In with using our own stuff and not buying more!

Stop Buying Mega Eyeshadow Palettes
I think Mega Eyeshadow Palettes peaked in 2016 and they were coming out fast and furious for a while. Most brands have scaled back on creating them but we still get one or two from Tarte, Colourpop, and a few other brands from time to time. Stop buying them. They are TOO tempting I know but stop. You’ll likely only use a few shades. Normalize adding single shades that you love to your collection and stop buying a mega palette you’ll never use and will be a pain to store. In with purchasing singles shades we love!

Beauty Ins

Normalize Using Your Best Makeup
Stop hoarding. I’m guilty of this! Stop leaving makeup to rot in your beauty vault because “It’s too pretty to use”. You paid for it now enjoy it. Stop worrying “But it’s limited-edition…!” Who cares? Someone, somewhere will re-create a dupe of it or you’ll find something like it down the road that you love even more. Normalize using your prettiest makeup and stop hoarding it away “for special occasions”. In with using your limited-edition makeup!

Do Your Skincare Daily
You come home from work, you’re exhausted, you just want to veg in front of the TV or go to sleep. I get it. We’ve all been there but don’t be lazy about removing your makeup, cleansing your skin, and doing all the steps in your skincare. Trust me, at my age, I’m so glad I only ever had a rare lazy skincare day. It’ll benefit your skin to be diligent about application daily. Out with being lazy, in with pushing yourself to apply your skincare daily!

Skin Tints, Tinted Moisturizers, Brighten Up
Do embrace your natural skin and enhance it with tinted moisturizers, skin tints, and lightweight moisturizers. Stop suffocating it under a ton of foundation. In with lighter coverage!

What are your beauty ins and outs for 2024? Do share them!

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